: Engine Out Bottom or Top?

04-18-04, 09:49 PM
Well, the latest in a long saga of problems
with this "premium" car!

(from 70k to 120k have replaced the steering
rack and pump, the alternator, the water pump,
have been living with the infamous oil leak, just
found I have a bad fuel pressure regulator, and
the slow radiator leak has been getting worse)

But now will have to bite the bullet and maybe pull
the engine.

I've got an idle rpm rattle and have found out
it's the harmonic balancer - ANOTHER major problem
these Northstars are apparently noted for!

So - what's easier, pulling the engine out the
top or lowering it towards the bottom? While I'm
at it, I might as well disconnect the trans and fix
that annoying oil leak.

If I get the car up a ways, and remove the X-member,
suspension, and I guess the trans, can I lower the engine
a little and get at that balancer without disconecting a
hundred things on the top of the motor?

From what I've seen on "how to's" for fixing the oil leak,
it seems lowering the engine a little might be the easiest.

Probably the easiest to get the trans disconnected, anyway??

If I'd have known these Northstars & Caddys have so many
problems,(I haven't had the head bolt problem, at least yet)
I never would have bought the d**** car! I've had lots
less problems with other American luxury cars with double
the mileage, not to mention some cheaper models also with
high miles, and am totally discouraged, disgusted, and dismayed
at what I thought to be a premium quality automobile!

Anyway - thanks for any advice.

04-18-04, 10:38 PM
I think you can remove the balancer without dropping the engine, but if you are going to fix the trans leak you might as well do both and drop it out. Why fight it in the car?
I like dropping it and wouldn't pull it out the top. Other guys prefer the top. Go figure......
Here's some info.