View Full Version : Signs of a warped brake rotor?

08-28-07, 02:19 PM
I have a '93 fleetwood brougham and it seems the steering wheel shakes a bit while braking or even when the car is rolling along at 5 MPH. Now I had a nail in my right front tire and it was a bit low on air when I took it off and put the spare on. It still does it with the spare on there to but truth be told neither tire is really that good and are bing replaced soon. Could this be a tire issue or a warped rotor? FWIW I replaced the front brake system in may of this year,this included the pads,calipers and rotors. What are the chances of me having a bad rotor(s) in a new set?

08-28-07, 06:13 PM
Three to four months on a brake setup couldn't be that many miles. My exp. with rotor warpage has been felt in the pedal with a pulsing effect and some vibration whey stopping from faster speeds. A shop should be able to check and detect any rotor warpage easily. Also, depending on the number of miles since the install., if a shop did the work, I would take it back for a check. If a rotor is bad, any manufacturer should cover it under warranty.

Is the vibration a new development, or just getting worse since the installation. I'm wondering if one side didn't get bled completely.

The low speed vibration in the steering wheel sounds like it could also be a front end link component.

08-29-07, 07:36 AM
I was also thinking of something like an idler arm or tie rod end since it does it while driving, especially at the low 5 mph speed. Tires and rims are also a definite possibility.

08-29-07, 08:56 AM
Warped rotors only affect the car when you brake. If the car is wobbling at low speed, get the tires/wheels on a balancer. You probably have a tire with a separated belt. Could be the one you had patched.