: Oil Leak

08-27-07, 06:56 PM
My 94 Concourse, leaks just enough oil to be a real pain in the dareair. It is not even enough to hardly measure between oil changes, , possibly only a half of a quart ever 5,000 miles, but it is enough to be a real pain on the garage floor to clean up every few days. It started several years ago as a single drop every few days, to now it is a few drops every time it is driven. I have had it to a Caddy dealer who told us it was a the "Upper Oil Pan Baffel Gasket" They as much as told us that it is a very expensive repair, to the tune of $2 K plus. The thing that worries me the most, if I do not repair it, is, Will IT ??? possibly start to leak like a faucet some day if I am on a long trip, where it will leave me stranded. any thoughts from the pros on this list would be most apprecaited . Thank you ever so much Denny

08-27-07, 08:36 PM
No, it will not become a catastrophic failure and leave you stranded. Probably will never get very much worse. For $2000, consider it rust proofing and put a sheet of cardboard on the garage floor.