: 95 Deville Concours performance

08-27-07, 05:17 PM
I'm just looking for a few upgrades I can think about. So far I have K&N filter, magnaflow exhaust, and use royal purple in everything I can.

I contacted fastchip but they said they do not have any blank chips that match my code. They gave me the option of driving to Tulsa and letting the put my car on the dyno and let the work on my chip but thats a pretty far drive.

I've put my car and 2 scales and the total weight was 4060 and 4075, thats with myself about 200 lbs and 2 massive speakers in the trunk that add up to 100+.

We have a 1000 ft track here and my best time is 12.18 at 88.2.

RT: .687
60' - 2.255
330' - 6.321
1/8 mile - 9.501 @ 77.54mph
1000' - 12.18@88.2

If you want to hear my exhaust get on youtube and search the user cozzey05

08-28-07, 12:08 PM
Cadillac claims my car is 3985 lbs but mine seems to be lighter. I did manage to edge off a new charger r/t, A lot of people were schocked by that. He had more horsepower but also seemed to weigh more.