: Problems with speakers

08-27-07, 12:09 PM
:mad2:I have a 2007 SRX V8 with navagation, 1,900 miles. Yesterday when I cranked the car, 4 speakers didn't work. The speakers in the doors work but the two small speakers on each side, the speaker on the back of the console, and the speaker in the rear of the vehicle are not working. Anyone else had this problem? This is my 2nd SRX. My first one started leaking oil at 200 miles. Had 3 oil leaks, problems with the sunroof, and the drive shaft needed replacing. The dealer finally replaced the vehicle. Hope I'm not in for more problems, because I LOVE my SRX!! Any suggestions on the speakers?

12-05-09, 09:44 PM
My escalade only the left front works, did you figure this out