: needs service

08-26-07, 05:44 PM
My 07 SRX AWD recently had some service done to the brakes tires and ultra veiw. The front brake rotors where shaved and 1 rear tire replaced and the others rebalanced.

The problem now is the brakes are very graby in the front. The SRX front end dives down when coming to a stop. It feels like there is no rear brakes at all.

The dealer told this is normal and i could test drive a new SRX on the lot to compare. I noticed when i got the car back the day it was serviced the rotors looked rough not the shiney smooth they used to be. Its been 3 weeks and the rotors do not look any better. The rotor surface is not shiney and looks black and rough. The brakes are still very touchy at the front and i have noticed a sqeeking noise while braking in drive throughs.

The other problem is the vibration at highway speeds. I can see the rear seat headrests shaking and feel a pulsating noise in the car?

I had also noted to the dealer that the transmission seems to make a high pitch noise at highway speeds , they said they could not reproduce the problem. The high pitch noise has now turned into a grinding noise but is only noticed when the gas pedal is touched to maintain speeds.

Im going to try another dealer but would like to know how some other SRX owners brakes feel? Does the frontend dive down very hard and do the brake parts look very worn and rusty? Thanks

10-22-07, 05:33 PM
Dealer found the front differental was empty no lubricant! This caused some damage to it and was replaced a few weeks after the part was ordered. No more noise! Seems to shift better now.

Still have a bad tire that shakes at highway speeds and brakes that grind when they get used for the first time after car is parked for the night but ill save that for another visit.