: L.E.D.s as Replacement Bulbs

Old Fleetwood
08-25-07, 09:36 PM
Over on the
web site, dedicated to Chrysler products (I can say that since Benz is no longer the big dog in the mix) has an informal test of tail light bulb L.E.D.s and how they might be used as replacements for the standard incandescents.
They are one helluva lot more expensive, of course, but come on virtually instantly which is a considerable safety factor.
But the informal test, with photos, is an interesting eye-opener.
(PS - FWIW, I wouldn't put them in my wife's Chrysler Concorde's tail lights)

Old Fleetwood
08-26-07, 11:43 AM
BTW - Does anybody know anybody who has actually BOUGHT a set of these L.E.Ds??:confused:
Of course nobody on this BB would be taken in by such, now, would we? :stirpot: