: Help with audio wiring problem/generator light on 80 coupe. Link to other thread.

durrk johnson
08-25-07, 02:47 PM

Thats the link to the original thread^^^^^

One of my buddys looked at it and said everything seems to be hooked up right but everytime i hook it up, a few days later i get alternator/generator problems...

Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

The Ape Man
08-26-07, 01:57 PM
Chances are that the audio amp is using quite a bit of current. Your factory alternator probably has trouble keeping up. This is especially true if you use the audio power amplifier with the car engine shut off.

Have you tried looking for an alternator which will fit but has a higher rating?

The main B+ wire from the alternator to the battery will need to be increased in diameter along with any alternator rating increase.

Later GM products are a good source of better alternators if you want to keep the cost down. Some can be installed with just a simple pulley change. My 1980 Fleetwood currently (pardon the pun) has an alternator from a 1990-something Poontiac. Ebay and other sites are loaded with this kind of stuff as well as speciality alternators for those with big stereos.

In addition, If you have completely drained your battery several times it may have a layer of debris laying on the botton of the cells shorting out the plates.

As an example of taking this a little too far: I just purchased a Delco 21SI 200 ampere alternator to fit my Cadillac. It will need a lot of custom stuff to actually make it fit. I had a vehicle with one of these a few years back. Same vehicle had a 3000 watt continuous 110 volt inverter and that alternator kept up just fine. There are alternators rated at 200 amps that will only make that current for a short while before they give up.