View Full Version : Bioshock anyone?

08-24-07, 10:08 PM
Who else got this for 360? An amazing game to say the very least. Some people are calling it better than Goldeneye 007, but I don't know if I'd take it that far.

08-25-07, 09:13 AM
I'm thinking about picking it up. My friend got it and I'm gonna check it out today.

08-25-07, 09:54 AM
weve been sellin them at BB like hot cakes

08-25-07, 06:29 PM
Every gaming review place out there has already said that it will win game of the year. I played some of it yesterday at my buddies place and it is awesome! I got a copy myself but I have to wait for my 360 to get back to me :(

Lady SS
08-26-07, 10:15 AM
I watched someone play the demo for it a little while back and it looked pretty cool.

08-28-07, 03:54 PM
I was lucky enough to play both versions (360/PC).

I ended up getting the PC version since I saw and read about a glitch on the 360 version that affects the field of view for 16:9 aspect TVs. Did they fix it yet?

The PC version had its own bugs though.

ANyways, the game is fantastic and definately worth playing. But after you beat it, it doesn't have much replay value.

I'm going to wait for CoD4, I think that game has GOTY potential too.

And PS3 owners, get your hands on Warhawk that game is insane! I wish it had a single player campaign but hey frag on foot or by air - its just tons of fun. And save yourself the $20 bucks buy it off the PSN. The included headset that comes with retail I've read blows.

And for the Wiis, Metroid Prime 3 dropped and so far (I still hate the Wii Mote) it is just awesome. I think Prime 3's storyline devours Bioshocks...too bad it doesn't look as pretty.

08-28-07, 04:43 PM
There's nothing wrong with the 16:9 aspect at all. Someone may have gotten that confused with the unlock framerate option, which although runs the game at 60fps instead of 30fps, causing screen tearing by turning off Vsync. I have it at 60fps and after about 2 minutes you don't even notice tearing at all anymore.

08-28-07, 06:38 PM
Yeah I wouldn't recomend turning off vSync unless you are running on a progressive capable TV. With Interloping it takes twice as long for the TV to draw the image so tearing is a mofo.

My cousin bought the game on release but he only has a 36" HD TV running @ 1080i. We turned off vSync and the thing started to tear up like crazy. Casual moving didn't show it but turn the camera quickly and it will tear up nicely. We dropped his setting to 720p and the tearing just about cleared up (few hints here and there but nothing to cry about).

As for the point of view issue:

It is well documented. We were messing with the options and we couldn't find how to change the aspect. You are missing the top and lower portion of the game.

It doesn't kill the game, but for such a well polished game it sort of sucks. Whether its intentional or an oversight a patch can solve it.

PC version is nice but unless you are running a DX10 system don't bother. I ran it on my girlfriend's PC to see whether DX10 was the cat's meow when compared to DX9. And yeah, DX10 water rendering features and the new HDR implementation blows DX9 outta the water. I can't wait for more DX10 games. I might just pick up Call of Juarez and Lost Planet (again since I jumped the gun and got the 360 version) for the PC.

Found another link:

Either way I'd still recommend the 360 version. The bugs on the PC version aren't easily overlooked. Some people can't even play their PC version due to the DRM issues. Oh what a world.

08-30-07, 08:52 AM
I've been playing Bioshock (currently in Haephaestus [sp?] ) on my PC and have not encountered any of the problems you are describing. The game runs rather smooth even with everything cranked up in DX10 mode.

Intel Core2Extreme Kentsfield QX6700 (quad core processor)
680i EVGA mobo
8800GTX 768mb
4 Gb Corsair Dominator RAM
2 150gb Raptor drives running in RAID 0

It's entertaining, but hardly the be-all end-all game you would think it should be from the review scores. I would say it is a bit over-rated and didn't deserve a score higher than Half-Life though (that series is my personal favorite in this genre). Bioshock, like most FPS's, has a very on-rails feel. You go from point A to point B, complete the objective, and then the way to the next objective opens. Sure, there is an optional side room here and there for those of us who like to explore, but the game has a very confined feeling to it. There are indeed a lot of weapons and attacks, but none that seem particularly groundbreaking to me. The heavily publicized combining useless items into things you can use is outright disappointing in that it is simply collect these three ingredients and you can get this from the vending machine (we've seen this in RPGs for decades).
Worst of all, the enemies are extremely repetitive. I have slaughtered countless men in bunny masks and the "big daddies" are so common that I don't feel any sort of suspense when coming across them anymore.

On the plus side, the graphics are great, the pacing is fast, and the storyline keeps you moving. Unfortunately, to me it just doesn't seem to be the groundbreaking game everyone is trumpeting it to be.

08-30-07, 08:58 PM
RPGs? Hell, Resident Evil let you combine various items into super items. (Red+Green/Blue Herbs or Pistol+Upgrade, etc..)

As for the problems I listed, the point of view and tearing issue is exclusive to the 360. My cousin showed me first had that the accounts are true.

As for the PC version, some people have been having DRM issues due to Sony's SecurRom, I wasn't one (thankfully) but the bugs I encountered had to do with my lack of updating my video card.

New Rig (WOOOT!!!)
GA 650i SLI (wanted the 680 but I couldn't talk myself into it, I don't need the extra bells and whistles)
Core 2 Q6600 (only paid $280!!!! OMG!!!)
2GB (2x1GB) Corsair DOminator (just for the headroom)
and BFG 8800 GTS (GTX still freaking expensive)

This new rig rocks compared to my old decaying P4 build. DX10 is the future of gaming and I can't wait for Crysis. Bring on the DX10 revolution!!!

As for Prime 3, I still hate the Wii and the Wiimote. I'm an old fashion gamer. My idea of gaming is leaning back into a very comfortable chair. Every game is repetetive (who ever says they aren't are lying) so I'd rather smash X with my thumb then swing my hand over and over and over. The game is great but the repetition + Wiimote makes it really bothersome.

As for Warhawk...this game is insane. You guys (with PS3s) really need to play it. Finally the PS3 has something worth playing.

Puzzle Fighter HD dropped today on both 360 and PS3! Go get it! Online!

I'm broke! Lair comes out tomorrow!!!

And I agree with you entirely about Bioshock, Goth. Game is great, but not "OMG GOTY for the next decade!" I think CoD4 with its multiplayer side will outshine Bioshock.