: Best Place To Lease 07 Or 08 Ext In Ne??? Ny, Nj, Ct???

08-24-07, 05:16 PM
hey guys, i'm looking to get an EXT black with Navi but 18" silver wheels and no rear entertainment. Looking to lease for 39 months with 15k a year. Best lease deal I have is based off of a 57,699 sticker price and the payment is 699 a month with 7k total out of pocket. Anyone know where i can a better deal IF its even possible? Thanks and let me know in advance


08-26-07, 11:59 PM
i'm down to 7125$ total out of pocket, 671$ a month for a 39 month lease with 12k a year. This is based off of a 57000 MSRP. Truck is an 07 EXT with NAVI, no rear entertainment, silver 18" wheels

anyone have any input?