View Full Version : Transmission pan and Intake Manifold cover

04-17-04, 08:51 PM
if I end up pulling my transmission pan off, Do i need to get a new gasket? I figure I probely do but I thoght I'd heard someone say I can just reuse the one that's on there. Also are there anymore gaskets or seals that I'll need to get if I pull the pan to drain the transmission fluid?


P.S. I thought I'd read something somewhere about if I took the intake manifold cover off the top of the engine I'd need a new gasket for that also. Also, do I need to torque wrench those bolts to a certain point? its a 94 Concours w/4.6 northstar.

04-18-04, 11:24 PM
The transmission pan gasket should not be used again. It is a metal shim with silicone beading on both sides. If you were stuck somwhere you could probably use it again, but do you really want to chance a seeping transmission gasket?

The OEM transmission gasket is about $40 list. I would only advise using this gasket.

The intake gaskets can be used over. Just be careful to not bend them. They are also made of sheet metal with silicone beading on both sides. Just wipe them clean with thinner or such, and they will reseal fine.

With the transmission gasket and the intake gaskets, do not use any sealer. Just be sure all surfaces are clean and free of oil.