View Full Version : Newest member tonight...maybe

08-24-07, 12:59 AM
New(est) member just enrolled this a.m. saying HELLO! I live in the boonies in Central Arkansas so I had to holler that hello or you prob'ly wouldn't have heard me. Even at that I'm not sure that y'all heard me and that's okay.
Y'all go on and do your thang and I'll go search for some already answered questions on my ol'Cadilliac. Have a good'en. Staysafe, Patricia1:)

Jonas McFeely
08-24-07, 01:17 AM
What kind of Cadillac you have?

08-24-07, 09:26 AM
Hello Patricia and :welcome5: to the forum!

Lady Danielle
08-24-07, 09:29 AM
Another girl, the number is growing....welcome

Lord Cadillac
08-24-07, 10:14 AM
Welcome aboard, Patricia! Thank you for signing up!

08-24-07, 10:26 AM
Welcome !