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08-22-07, 02:22 AM
So, I tested with a local PD this morning and passed with flying colors. My interviews begin on Tuesday.

I decided to celebrate by going shooting.

Took the Pre-64 model 70 .243 Westerner, Rem model 742 .308, 10/22, Ruger model 96 .44Magnum, M1 .30 Carbine, Doublestar lower DPMS upper 5.56 STAR-15, Doublestar lower Alexander Arms upper .50 Beowulf, Automag II .22 magnum, Ruger MkII .22, Sig P226 9mm, and the Kahr K40.

My 10/22 is amazing. One of my better builds, really. Nowhere near stock. It'll put ten rounds through the same hole any day of the week. Incredibly impressive for a .22LR. Wolf match grade ammo is amazing stuff. German made. Smells wonderful.

The 5.56 AR is PISSING me off. The extractor malfunctions, badly, almost every shot after the first magazine. The DPMS upper only has about 75 rounds through it and it does it with both military surplus ammo and cheapo wolf ammo, along with some middle of the line stuff I've picked up over time.

The .308 I just put a new Leupold Rifleman 3x-9x-40 scope on, forgot the boresight, and by the time I had it on paper I was out of ammo. Finishing touches next time.

The .243 was, as always, amazingly accurate with the Leupold Vari-xIII.

M1 Carbine is GREAT fun to shoot (Rolex!!!) although the ammo gets pricey because you go through it quick.

The Automag is upsetting because I need a guide rod and can't find one ANYWHERE so it jams frequently too. About to sell it off and find something different, as much as I love the thing.

The .44mag is awesome. Big bore rifles are fun. Iron sights I can plunk anything I can see out to about a hundred and fifty yards.

The .50 Beowulf is, simply put, amazing. By the time I pulled the big boy out the sun was getting fairly low behind us. It's a giant, fairly slow moving round (at around 1900 fps) so you could actually SEE the sun glinting off of the 425 grain bullets as they coursed towards the targets. Looks like a freaking laser beam. Badass. :) And then there's the incredibly satisfying ker-THUNK when it hits...and the head-jarring grin inducing feeling of pumping off seven of them in about three seconds. And the questions of "what the hell was that" from the other shooters on the line. And the collecting of brass afterwards to show them that you weren't chucking mediocre 5.56 casings at their feet, and because, even empty, the casings are worth about sixty cents a piece. Goooood wholesome fun! :rolleyes:

08-22-07, 02:37 PM

I'm just sayin'

ETA: having seen your entire collection, albeit in its infancy, I was impressed. :yup:

08-22-07, 03:18 PM
Eh, you've not seen it all...I don't think I even have any pictures with the WHOLE thing...but its close. :)

I only have a video of a few seconds of me firing the Beowulf and its not very impressive, really...but next time I get on my computer instead of the living room one I'll upload it and post. :D

Oh yea...and the roommates are great. Not only are they two good-lookin' girls... When I got home I had seven rifles and pistols spread all over the couch and coffee table in the living room, cleaning and prepping for storage. They both came home a short while later and, about forty five minutes into them being there, after stepping over them a dozen times and moving half of them around so they could sit down, they finally noticed that the room was actually full of guns. "What are all these guns doing all over the place?" "Oh, never mind...you're James."


08-22-07, 04:03 PM
forget pics of the gun ... post up pics of the supposedly hotty mc hot roommates... WITH THE GUNS preferably

08-22-07, 05:37 PM
Oh yeah. Congratulations on qualifying. :highfive: I would have never doubted your skills. :D

08-22-07, 05:44 PM
http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i4/spyder1200/th_Range08_21_08006.jpg (http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i4/spyder1200/?action=view&current=Range08_21_08006.flv)

08-22-07, 05:45 PM
Eh, shoulda taken pics of the table...and I just ordered some sights...at least a front detachable sight for one of the two...

08-22-07, 10:14 PM