: What audio sys is in my 2004 ? Nav upgrade help

08-21-07, 09:17 PM
It has a CD changer that does not say BOSE anywhere on it , or the speakers.

i want to install a 2005 NAV/changer unit that I dont have much info on as I din't buy it yet..

I understand about the speed sensor and GPS reciever. Can the "theft-lock codes" be retrieved from the unit and called in by the dealer for unlock codes?

Will a 2005 non Bose changer/nav unit snap in my 2004 with the usaual GPS reciever and VSS mods ?

Is there such a thing as a Bose changer/Nav unit that is different than the standard changer/Nav unit in 2005 ?

Thanks for your time.


08-21-07, 10:33 PM
IMHO, you'll save $1000+ and save tons of headaches by getting a good portable unit.