: 05 STS Rotor Size

08-21-07, 01:46 PM
I am looking to replace my breakpads with the Raybestos Quiet stop pads. My father-in law (retired mechanic is going to do it for me and told me to replce the rotors as well, but as I have been calling around they keep asking me if they are the 11" or the 12" diameter. When I measure mine, they seem to be bigger, more like 13.5" Any help would be appreciated.

08-21-07, 02:20 PM
Tell him he is no longer getting a commission on parts. He will change his mind.

Unless they are out of round or unless car has 75k miles on it or more, you should be ok with old rotors.

08-21-07, 05:24 PM
Are you measuring the rear disc?
I would suspect the larger discs are on the 1SC/1SF/1SG cars which have "performance brakes."

VA Maddog
08-22-07, 08:53 AM
If you have the upgraded brakes that come with the option packages listed you may want to rethink using aftermarket pads as opposed to the OEM pads made for those brakes. The upgraded brakes included upgraded fade resistant pads. New OEM pads were installed on my 05 just before I bought it (2 year lease turn-in) and they are silent, no noise what-so-ever. They did not turn or replace the rotors but the brakes have no pulsing and seem to work exactly as they should. The extra cost of new rotors should be decided based on need. Have they been turned before (replace if warped now), are they warped (turn or replace).

One of the nice things about having upgraded brake rotors and calipers is that they tend not to warp unless they are really used hard. Therefore if you replace pads as you should, you might never need to replace the rotors, or at least not for a long, long time.

08-22-07, 10:58 AM

08-22-07, 10:58 AM
I need new pads and I want to go dustless and noiseless. I do have the performance package, so what are your thoughts. The brake dust irrates me to no end. I end up cleaning my rims sometimes twice a week and my wife already says I drive like an old foggie, so I know it is not me being hard on the brakes.

VA Maddog
08-22-07, 10:03 PM
Brake dust is a pain, especially with the 1SG package and the 18" wheels with the small screw holes every few inches - I feel your pain - lol

Personally I tend to lean towards OEM pads for a performance brake package, but you can try something else. I could not say how they would wear, how they might affect the rotors (different heat characteristics) or how they might affect stopping distance compared to the OEM pads. Only time would tell you that. They might be just fine and cleaner. I would suggest starting another thread under the topic of dustless brake pads and seeing if anyone else has tried them to get feedback from an actual user.