: I have a little oil in the spark plug wells, anything to worry about?

08-21-07, 10:56 AM
Hello everyone,

I found some engine oil sitting in the plug wells when I changed the spark plugs last week. There was more oil on top of some plugs than others, and two or three were clean. My engine does leak/eat about a quart of oil every 2500 miles.

Valve cover gaskets?

08-21-07, 02:34 PM
That is the cause. You can perhaps tighten them if you do not crush them. Or just wash that part of the engine off once per year.

08-21-07, 06:37 PM
It is the plug well "O" ring seal in the cam cover that has seeped a bit. Consider how long and how many miles it took to accumulate. Wipe it out and then do it again next time change the plugs (in another 100K).

08-21-07, 09:13 PM
Thanks guys, I will clean them out and see how long it takes to accumulate. If it pools alarmingly quickly, I'll post back for a fix.