View Full Version : I don't think I believe this...what do ya'll think?

08-20-07, 10:29 PM
Watch the video...


08-20-07, 10:30 PM
Darwin calls out to some people. :alchi:

08-20-07, 10:32 PM
looks like some people are having fun off global warming.

08-20-07, 11:01 PM
Here is more info on the glaciers and the bridge that splits them. http://www.gi.alaska.edu/ScienceForum/ASF15/1595.html

Do some Google searches on Million dollar bridge and Childs glacier.

Some years ago a group of rubbernecking tourists were drowned when the wave from an icefall from the glacier washed then into the Copper River.

The largest tidal wave in recorded history occurred not too far from there when 40,000,000 cubic meters of rock dropped into the headwaters of Lituya bay, Alaska and created a wave 1720 feet high. A boat in the bay rode the wave over a hill 200 feet high and was swept 25 miles out to sea. I don't think anybody surfed that one.

Alaska is a pretty amazing place, Spyder.

08-20-07, 11:20 PM
Nah, I believe the waves, I just don't know that I believe the guy actually rode it...or if its some well-edited footage.

Definately looking forward to coming up there in January, if I don't find real work before then...

08-21-07, 01:46 PM
Heck, and I thought the waves in Va Bch were big.