: My 4th roadtrip in 5 weeks! The usual stuff inside.

08-19-07, 09:56 PM
So I went back up to Duluth this weekend, had fun, hung out with old friends, met new people, drank adult beverages (not roofie coladas), partied, stuffed my face, saw (and felt) one of my dream cars, etc etc. It was a good weekend.

So on the way up, it rained a lot, I got terrible gas mileage (20 mpg at 70 mph) and met my good friend, Max MPH. Nothing really interesting to report, just a decent drive at 70 mph, while listening to a lot of Harry Chapin. Good stuff. Well, there was one interesting thing... about halfway up, I got passed by this white Toyota Sienna that was doing a consistent 80-85 mph. He was a mile or so ahead when I did my 70-108 mph run, and by the time I was at about 105, I was pretty much knocking on his rear door. Anyways, I got to 108 and backed down to 70. Then about a mile later, a highway patrolman gets on the highway a few cars ahead of me and starts to fly down the highway. A few miles later, I see him pull over that same white Sienna that was doing a consistent 80-85 (while I took her in excess of 100 for a short jaunt, and almost hit that Sienna!) and I took a picture of that and LOL'd all the way to town. (Not literally, Duluth was still 60 miles away)

I got up there, was supposed to meet up with my friend Taylor (the one with the turbo Talon and Shadow) and stay at his place that night, I get there, call him and he doesn't pick up, so I go to his place and ring the doorbell, and nobody's there, no Taylor, not hot roommate of his, nobody. I go over to my friends' (Jason and Kevin) house, party with them for a few hours, and go out to Jason's family's cabin and had a bonfire and slept there for a few hours, then headed out with the people I just met (Kevin's friends from his Germany trip) to Duluth.

On the way back from his cabin, we passed a small, hole in the wall dealership that had a brown Mark IV Lincoln in it, so I went back with my car later and took pics of it (many, many pics!). It was a 1973, in a dark brown color, with dark brown leather (oh man, what a perfect color for that car) and lastly it was in very, very good condtion. No rust, no scratches, no dents and the only flaw that I saw was a small tear in the driver's seat. They wanted $3995 for it! I could have paid cash for it!! And I probably would have if the timing would have been better! :(

After that, Taylor and I ventured across the lake into Superior, Wisconsin because that's where the nearest Hardees was, and I was craving a "Monster Thickburger"...I had it, was delecious, took me a total of two hours to eat it and I didn't even finish it off! It owned me! Now 9 hours later, I'm still full! We went back to Taylor's place for a while, and even though his attractive and interesting roommate was gone, I found out that she thought I was a cool guy and thereby I've got good chances with her (never mind the fact that she's 160 miles away from me lol), but she seems like my type, even though I only hung out with her a few times last time I was up... I can tell more if you readers out there in cyberspace are so interested. Then Taylor had to run off to work in his Shadow, which uses Vodka as a coolant. ;) I went down to the lakeside, and finally saw a tanker/cargo ship go through the lift bridge. Finally!

My ride home kinda sucked, I got stuck in bumper-bumper traffic a few times and that added 45 minutes to an hour to my travel time.


This is what I was driving through both ways. Driving in the rain makes me sleepy.

Read the inside of my brim. :) :bigroll:

Haha PWN3D!

Coming down the hill into Duluth.

Beautifiul tealish '93-'94 STS parked at the house next to Kevin's/Jason's

I had a few of these.....and some Jose.

I lactated all over myself.

I kind of remember this.

At the Bahnfire.

08-19-07, 10:03 PM
This car, along with the 97-99 W140 Benz and early Aston Martin Lagondas make up my three favorite cars of all time.

You could have sex on this hood. Sex with a very tall partner.

Now more from the "things that are grossly oversized" category....The Monster Thickburger!

When all else fails, use vodka to keep your '93 Dodge Shadow from overheating.

Too much vodka there Taylor.

A proud man and his POS.

It handles like a Town Car, but this has more steering feel.

08-19-07, 10:20 PM
This was a neat house, right on the shore of Lake Superior.

Now if only this was accurate! :highfive:

This is the shit that I was stuck in for an hour on the way home.

I hit 140,000 right as I pulled onto my street tonight. The song that was playing at the time was "Champagne Supernova". :cloud9:

I meet my good friend, Maximillian M.P.H.

Maki gettin' owned.

08-20-07, 08:55 PM
Great pics, looks like you had a blast! I miss Duluth, haven't been up there in a few summers now. That Mark IV is gorgeous, I was half-expecting to scroll down further and read that you've scrapped your BM plans and now own a Caddy and a Lincoln, lol.

08-20-07, 09:02 PM
Ah finally someone posts! lol! I thought the group collectively got sick of my threads and decided to stop posting in them lol.

08-21-07, 01:16 AM
P I I H B!!!!

08-21-07, 09:49 AM
I always enjoy the pictures in them. It amazes me all of these cars you randomly find and snap picture sof.

08-21-07, 10:03 AM
Thanks, I really appreciate that! :thumbsup:

08-21-07, 12:03 PM
That wasnt vodka in the Shadow. Someone dumped the Captain Morgan Fire Extinguisher into the radiator.

08-21-07, 12:13 PM
No actually, it's just water. He's got a massive coolant leak and has to do that daily so he can use it to deliver pizzas. In one of the pictures, you'll see a switch mounted on top of the core support...that's so he can turn the engine fan on whenever he needs to. lol

08-21-07, 01:07 PM
Cool pics, thanks for those