: Is my speed limiter busted?

Old Fleetwood
08-18-07, 11:00 PM
Taking one of our dogs up to the Tufts University veterinary hospital eye clinic on an almost commuting basis recently has proven very, very, interesting.
The trip from Hartford, CT to Walpole, MA involves I-84 (2,3 and 4 lane plus commuter/diamond lane in spots around Hartford); Massachusetts Turnpike or I-90 (3 lane), I 495 (3 lane) and Route 1-A miserable 2-way, 2-lane the rest of the way into Walpole, MA.
I have been setting the cruise control at about 74 since most staties appear to give you about 9 over, but find I'm the slowest car in most packs which seem to cruise at closer to 78 or even 82. And that gets me nervous.
Anyway, last week, taking the dog for her final surgery, I had somehow gotten ahead of one big pack of cars and trucks about 3 miles just before the Mass Pike on I-84 and was the only car in sight on that gloomy morning about 6:30 AM.
I was coming up fast on a semi in the middle lane and I was doing about 74 and the semi was running about 60, I think when all of a sudden he went to the right and his LEFT wheels were on the rumble strip !!!!
I hit the brakes, hard, incase the truck jackknifed like the driver had fallen asleep. But the guy recovered and kept on going in the right lane, picking up speed.
I followed and the guy resumed the center lane at about 65 but I stayed back and DAMN! HE PULLED THE SAME STUNT ONLY EVEN WORSE!
This time I saw daylight under the wheels of his trailer as the right wheels were almost in the ditch.
He corrected once more and got back on the pavement, but when he got to the center lane but headed back to the right side, this time I floored it.
When he zigged,
I zagged!
I went almost on to the left shoulder as damn fast as I could.
That '95 FWB dropped down a gear or two and went like hell past the truck and I don't know if my wife wet her pants as we sped past, but when I saw the truck in my rear view mirror, I glanced down at my digital speedometer as I let off the gas and saw:
122 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought these mice were limited to 108!:confused:

08-19-07, 12:01 AM
I'm no expert but I remember somewhere that the Fleetwoods have no fuel cutoff and are only limited by drag to something like 137, but I'm not sure.

08-19-07, 12:52 AM
I'm no expert but I remember somewhere that the Fleetwoods have no fuel cutoff and are only limited by drag to something like 137, but I'm not sure.

Not true, mine is capped at like 107.

Did you have it in kilometers?

08-19-07, 01:20 AM
Ah. I did a search trying to find where it said there was no limiter... perhaps it's the older (92 and down) body style that has no fuel cutoff. Anyway, did you buy it new? The search did turn up that it's pretty easy to change it with a program called LT1Edit and an interface cable, so it's completely concievable that someone upped the limiter to something more reasonable at some point in time.

08-19-07, 07:26 AM
Factory speed limiter IS 108. I can show you in the PCM code if you want.

So your car likely has been tuned by a tuner or a handheld programmer.

I have had my ride running on E85 to 133. So as for drag limited to 137, I don't think so. Given enough highway, I would put it at closer to 150, maybe even 155.

Remember these cars have a Cd of 0.36. Not bad, not even bad by todays standards. Compared to a 92 and older at 0.45 Cd.

A 84 Trans AM with the factory smooth dish hubaps on the aluminum wheels was 0.29Cd. Not many cars get better than that. Some might, but not many at all. Just because the car looks aero doesn't mean it is.

I hope to get mine lowered soon to help Cd too, keeping more out of the wind.

Yup, you got a screamer! Toss in some 3.42's and REALLY have a ball with the power!

08-19-07, 07:29 AM
Did you get the car tuned when you put the CPT tranny in?

08-19-07, 07:45 AM
I think your car was tuned up otherwise you shouldn't pass over 108 as I recall .
PS- Please be careful if you intend doing over 108 again or make sure your tires have correct speed rates . Factory tires are "S" rated and with your stock tires it may be nothing but dangreous if you exceed over 108 .

Old Fleetwood
08-19-07, 12:42 PM
That's the weird and SCARY part.
I KNEW the limiter was at 108. You guys have said so. The car came from an older guy in Plano, TX who kept it like some little old lady and babied it like nothing on earth - records coming out the wazoo.
The worst part is that the new Cooper WSWs I put on it right after I got the car are rated for:
ONLY 118 MPH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thehand::alchi:
That's the scary part.
And I'm pretty sure the previous owner didn't have a tuner do anything to it, nor did the Cadillac shop play with it when they put in the Carolina Stage II tranny and new converter.
So the whole thing really startled the hell out of me when I saw the single digit and double twos when I got away from that hyped-up trucker.
Just to satisfy my paranoid self, I might just have the tires de-mounted and inspected, first thing Monday morning since we will be doing more follow-up visits to Tufts with the dog in the coming weeks and traffic packs move at a consistent 70 to 80 per all along the Interstates.
BTW - She was still pulling like a mad sled dog even at 122 when I backed off. Damn! that LT-1 is one strong motor!

08-19-07, 01:38 PM
LOL,that's right . LT1 is just an amazing engine :thumbsup: .My FWB is no slower than Northstar Caddies or I feel like that :bouncy:

08-19-07, 02:49 PM
Maybe if someone swaped PCM's with a 9C1 or Impala SS PCM, or a Z28/TA PCM (but AC won't work if you do the latter), then the speed limiter would be bumped up.

08-19-07, 03:07 PM
Can Delco AML 8934 be added to the the list as well ?

08-19-07, 03:29 PM
Nothing like a decent dose of low end torque. I have pondered thinking about putting my Pontiac 455 in for MORE torque.

Maybe someday get a hold of the new GM 4.5L Duramax and drop in.... http://blogs.edmunds.com/Straightline/2935....

MORE torque....

08-19-07, 03:51 PM
I would have recommended that you call 911 on that truck driver, but he was probably thinking the same thing about you. "Dang Cadillac boat flew past me like a rocket ship. I didn't know any old foggies could drive like that."

Old Fleetwood
08-20-07, 12:28 AM
Big Bird-
Funny you should say that about dropping a dime on the trucker.
My wife was already reaching into her purse for her cell phone but I said forget it since there was a big clump of traffic about a quarter mile behind us just around a curve who would see this guy and surely saw my brake lights go on - as well as likely saw the antics of the trailer since it was a slow left hand bend and the gloomy morning would have made my brake lights stand out.
Tomorrow, however, we'll see if my tires - rated for 118 mph - are a problem as I have the tires looked over VERY CAREFULLY. I doubt it since I'm pretty sure there's some kind of safety factor built in. But you never know. Plus, after this experience and finding out that this FWB doesn't know it's supposed to stop at the 108 mph mark, and seeing how insanely EASY it whipped up to over 120, I may have to ask wifey if she can sell her body so I can get the proper tires (as in LOL and fat chance).

08-20-07, 08:35 AM
I think for brief periods, it is fine, but for sustained, that is a problem. A friend of mine took a 70 Mercury Cyclone up over 180 (remember, this was the NASCAR body) with a very modified 429 SCJ, top loader 4 speed and 3.07 gears with non speed rated tires for about 2-3 min to pass a Testarossa, they did, but the next day they blew 3 tires. I have personally been in the car up to 85 in first gear alone, and over 135 in 3rd just playing around. The car had manual steering, manual brakes and was NOT a good candiate to do those speeds. The friend of mine driving couldn't drive home he was so freaked out by doing it.... Speedo did 140, and they lost sight of the needle in 3rd.... This is what is called stupid fast... They guy who built engine worked for Ford (Factory engine rebuilder, Mendenhal) and had been building engines for his whole life, this was one of his last ones. He has had more speeding tickets than you can shake a stick at...

08-20-07, 02:09 PM
Hmm are you guys sure on this? My 93 Brougham has been over 108 a few times.

08-20-07, 03:20 PM
Not sure what the speed limiter is on the L05 cars. Might be different, or could it have been changed with a new PROM already?

Old Fleetwood
08-20-07, 03:38 PM
Went back to where I bought the tires and he agreed with N0DIH.:
"Unless you kept up that speed for a long time or the day was really hot, fuggeddabouddit."
The temperature that early morning was in the mid 60s.
So, since that high speed trip was less than a minute (prolly half a minute), great. And I sure as hell don't expect to repeat the process!
But what is interesting is the total lack of fluff and fluster with the Fleetwood. Absolutely no difference in handling or ride at that top speed or at 65 mph. Same-O, Same-O. One helluva testimony to Cadillac engineering which, in itself makes me even more irritated at Consumer Distorts and their love of anything furrin.
Maybe this mouse might not corner like a Mini, but By God, she's a damn fine Autobahn cruiser! :thumbsup: