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08-18-07, 09:42 PM
Today I entered the Phaeton in it's first car show, with 100 cars in it, and didn't even get top 50. Mustangs and pick up trucks got all the trophies. The only other Cadillac there was a gorgeous white-on-red 1964 Sedan DeVille named 'Lucy' that a man named in honor of his mother, who was the original owner, and it didn't get anything either. After the show I went to the weekly cruise-in, Lucy and her caregiver were there. He felt very disappointed that he didn't get anything, it was his first show with Lucy, so he was really hoping to get something in honor of his mother. He was also very surprised that I didn't get anything. In a town of red pick ups, Marlboro, and colt 45, luxury car lovers are outcasts. Now, I understand the points system, but I don't think they use it. I looked at my car all day, and never saw a judge near it.

Here are a few pictures.


Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce, Lucy!


I also have a thing for Henry J's. - oh, and he didn't get anything either.


08-18-07, 09:51 PM

You really present your car magnificently. I like the brochures and literature displayed too, it adds to the provenance of your fine car. Don't feel too badly about not placing; as you've remarked in the past - many of the folks in your area struggle to appreciate truly great cars, and wouldn't recognize anything world-class (like yours) if it jumped up and smacked 'em in the face.

Absolutely amazing.

08-18-07, 10:10 PM
Thanks, I was a little disillusioned after the show, but I felt better after I got to the cruise-in and found that others shared my sentiment. The thing is, people seem to like it, there was always somebody looking at it. And what was really cool was, at the cruise-in I was sitting there in the car, and this guy with his little boy came up looking at the car. I overheard the Dad say "Look at that caddy! Man, that thing is the bomb!" and the kid was like "yaa, it's pwiddy". I know it's insignificant, but little things like that make 'ya smile. Anyway, I try not to read too much into things, it's all the transplants from other parts of the country that like it, I pretty much accept that. Deep down I don't care what anybody thinks anyway, I do what I like, but a little appreciation never hurts. I actually feel worse about Lucy.


Night Wolf
08-18-07, 10:25 PM
180hp and 320ft-lbs torque ;)

Looks really nice.... too bad you didn't win anything tho :(

08-18-07, 10:30 PM
Rick, thanks for the heads up. When I wrote that I couldn't find my brochure so I went to a website. I'll just print out another. :) God knows nobody else noticed, lol

08-18-07, 10:41 PM
Ben - just sent you a PM.

Old Fleetwood
08-18-07, 11:21 PM
I've seen "contests" like this before when we were members of the local Mercedes Benz Club of America in Indianapolis in the mid-1960s.
At one of the meets, a fellow who brought back a 190SL from Germany after driving it all over Europe then restoring it almost to perfection, got little more than snot while some jerk who had JUST BOUGHT one of the very first 350SL pagoda-roof roadsters won first prize in a "concours d'elegance."
Jeebus Christmas. No wonder the damn thing didn't have a friggin scratch on it. There was only about 45 miles on it while the 190SL had about 160,000 miles on it yet appeared to be polished like an engagement ring diamond.
It may have been more a case of who you b**w not what you know. So don't feel bad.

Highway Star
08-18-07, 11:28 PM
If you need a trophy, I got 3 from my previously sold '91 Trans Am 'vert that are collecting dust. It was very rare, 1 of 555. So what did I do? Sold it and bought my big-fat '79 Coupe de Ville. Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing, but today, for the second time this year, someone at a red light asked if my Caddy was for sale. Never had that happen in 15 years of owning my rare "muscle" car, not even once! But I got 3 useless trophys stuck away in the spare room. LOL!

So what's the moral of this story, I dunno...

Oh, just enjoy your car, trophys are no big deal.

08-18-07, 11:57 PM
well those pictures just gave me a boost of how to present your car very very nice presentation ben the literature was great

08-19-07, 12:00 AM
I understand your disappointment. Last year I took my 78 Seville to a show. The show divided the awards up by classes. My class was 1970 thru 1979 closed. There were about 15 cars in my class. There was a 1975 Lesabre in green, no white walls a very basic car, a 79 Coupe Devile in burguandy, 19000 original miles, a wonderful time capsule car, a 1978 diamond jubile Lincoln Mark, also excellent condition, a 72 orange Dodge Charger and some other various makes and models. Here is how the awards went:
3 rd place Orange Pinto wagon
2 nd place 1978 Lincoln Versilles
1st place Orange Charger
I am not saying that I should of won but come on a Cadillac beaten by an orange pinto wagon!
This year I went again and took my 75 Olds convertible. I won first place I beat the orange pinto (which didnt even place) and about 50 other cars. My advice is keep going to the shows and get to know people. Its about the cars and about the people. Most people I have talked to at the shows are very interested in the work that I have put into my cars. Once you swap war stories you will be surprised on how the awards given out will change. I also wanted to say your car was presented wonderfully. You certainly would of had my vote, but then again I know the effort, time and $$ you have put in that car. Dont get discouraged :bouncy:

08-19-07, 01:26 AM
Thanks for the consolation, guys. I've entered in about 5-7 shows so far, most with my '83. So I'm used to the concept, I'm also a member of the car club that co-sponsored the event. But I just wish they could get some unbiased judges. Around here everybody is related it seems, so we do uncle George a favor here, cousin Marty a favor over there, and if you're not in the circle, you get left out. Now, the local Lions club puts on a yearly show, and the Cadillacs always get something at that, I'm sure some of you remember when my Brougham got a trophy, that was a lions show. It's always pretty much the same cars, but a flipped outcome. That's what gets me.

Well, thanks for letting me vent. At least I know I'm not alone in this matter. Just thought you guys might like to see the pictures.

I'm exhausted & sunburned, time for sleep.


08-19-07, 01:37 AM
I Love Lucy! Oh, and your car looks great, too.

Although Betty has won a couple of trophies, that's not the reason I take her to car shows. I just enjoy having people come and look at her. You have a really nice display for your Phaeton, and it sounds like the car got many well-deserved admiring glances.

In most of the shows I enter, Betty falls into the Sixties class, which can cover anything from Mustangs and Camaros to Corvettes, GTOs, etc., etc. I have taken her to one show both this year and last that had a category for four-doors. Last year, I won first place; this year, Betty came in second. And at a show hosted by the local college business club, the club voted Betty first place in best of show this year. That was a complete surprise, but I think they appreciated me coming every year (this was my third year in a row), and they liked my dog.




Anyway, trophies are nice, but the main thing is to enjoy showing your beautiful Cadillac. I'm sure there are plenty of people who leave the show wishing your car was theirs.

On Friday, Betty, Hoover and I are headed to eastern Washington to see a buddy of mine, then we're going to Lewiston, Idaho for their version of Hot August Nights (http://www.lewistonshotaugustnights.com/). I'm in the Sixties class, so I'm not expecting anything, but maybe they'll have a long-distance award. It's at least 300 miles, so you never know.

08-19-07, 02:08 AM
You've got a great looking ride but you're up against the old boys network. I remember the grand prize winner at one show was a complete fake. The car never left a factory as it was shown. It was more like Johny Cash's car; made up of mismatched different year parts but really shiny and the guy that owned it was a big shot in the club. It was more a popularity contest than a car show. Pick and choose your shows and don't waste your time with the ignorant hill billies.

08-19-07, 07:26 AM
You need to step up your game to win at shows that cover as broad a spectrum as that.

After I had a huge poster made and spend a good 10 hours cleaning with a q-tip around every crevice, the undercarriage, and engine bay... I started winning at big shows with the Fleetwood.

Make sure your display catches attention. So far I have won 6 trophies this summer out of the 8 shows I have attended.


I have been a judge at several shows now and do have a criteria sheet I could scan and then send to you if you want.

08-19-07, 07:32 AM
I reprimand the people who think Mustangs look nicer and prefer 'em over Cadillac

08-19-07, 09:48 AM
When it comes to car shows, the only thing that really matters is where you rank on the people's choice vote. I've been to a few shows where they give you a form on entry and you are allowed to vote only once for your favorite car. A lot of car shows don't do this though, as it tends to undermine the politics of judging. It's like dog shows, it really has nothing to do with the quality of your car.

BTW, sweet ride! It gets my vote.

08-19-07, 11:59 AM
96fleetwood, I'd like it if you could send me that form. I've always been slightly curious about what they're supposed to be looking for. I know I need to get a better display, but I don't really like all the stuff that the import people do with the mirrors and beads and all of that. How'd you print out that poster?

I always try to think of what needs to be excessively detailed before I go, it's hard to tell in pictures, but I had one of the cleanest cars there that wasn't a frame-off. There were some cars that actually had empty drink containers, detail rags, cigarette packs, all left in the interior when the alleged judging took place. Ahh, whatever, I guess I'll just keep going, and keep working on details.

08-19-07, 12:07 PM
I had my poster made by : http://www.superstylings.com/

I can't find the judging sheets, I think they might be in the center console of the Fleetwood. I will look for them later today.

08-19-07, 12:15 PM
Thanks for the link! Somehow I previously got the idea that you somehow photo shopped it, lol.

Alright, when you get a hold of the sheets, send me a pm and I'll give you my email. :)

08-19-07, 09:17 PM
Hey, I those types of cars aren't appreciated in Kentucky, but hey, if you took your Phaeton to a classic car show on Long Island, they'll throw you a ticker-tape parade in honor of it!

08-19-07, 11:31 PM
Dont be dissapointed man. This Goodfellas thing you got with the car is YOUR thing. Others probably A. Dont know or B. Dont care. You look at it and you think of Ray Liotta in the car and all that stuff. Someone else looks at it and its a big 'ole ugly Cadillac that resembles a big penny. Its not as recognizable as the General Lee, KITT or the Back To The Future Delorean. Build one of those and it will be a show stopper!. The dime a dozen Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, 57 Chevies, Chevelles and all that will always win the shows.

All that aside though, I think you did a great job with it. I didn't understand why you had to have this car or what was so great about it but its grown on me personally and I'd be proud to own a car like that. :thumbsup:

08-20-07, 09:39 AM
Thank you, Destroyer. Although all Goodfellas stuff aside, I'd like to think that car car is attractive enough to the average Joe to hold it's own regardless. What I mean is, do you think I'd be going crazy like this of Ray happened to be driving a light blue Cimarron? I doubt it. And you don't see me obsessing over that Volvo 240 Karen had, lol. I see it more as, goodfellas was the first time I had seen a Phaeton, it just happened that way, and I fell in love with the car. It's kind of like, for example, hearing the theme song for a movie that you just saw for the first time. You've never heard the song before, but you find that you love it. Now, after that, when you listen to the song, are you going to think of the movie? Probably, but that isn't why you love the song, it's just a connection. I know it's a stretch, but see what I mean?

It still all comes down to taste, one reason why I don't play up the goodfellas angle too much when I'm showing it is that, I really love people coming up to me and saying 'gorgeous caddy, man, I love the color' and then after I mention the movie, them saying 'I knew I recognised it from somewhere!' But they liked it for what it is first.

Anyway, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it coming from you :)

08-20-07, 11:19 AM
I will also add my own .02 about shows and awards. I just went to one this past Saturday and this was the first time I brought my 1980 to a show giving out awards. This was really a first for me in that there were no catagories. 160 cars showed up, 60 got awards with a % going to brand new cars. Mine was the only 1980 Caddy professional car and while it isn't 100% perfect, it is in darn good shape. I have to replace my internal light covers (the plastic is brittle due to time) and I have no intentions of replacing my rollers or the plates (this was a vehicle that was used and I intend to keep the scratches in these areas for respect of it's use). I will take care of the small areas that will need attention.

What I learned was that I won't go to another show like this. I'm not interested in an award per sey, but I would like to get a score so I know what areas may need attention. Aside from that, it was really nice to get out with my car and talk to people. The feedback I got and to hear parents talk to their kids about what my car was and how it was used made it worth it for me.

08-20-07, 02:10 PM
Don't suffer the slings and arrows from those who are beneath you, Ben. I've had more than my share of competition angst when I was showing my 1972 Mustang Coupe. It had less than 40K miles on her and I'd taken her all the way up to showcar level - sure I won the trophies, but before the winnings began, I had to run the gauntlet of various bigoted judges - or even worse, the one's who had to make sure their "friends" always won!

They're peasants, Ben - not worthy of your attention, most times. You've done a bang-up job on that piece of American history and no-one can take that away from you. All the sweat, blood, tears and more than a few dineros have brought your car up to snuff! I'd be proud to own that car!!

Take those shows for what they really are, Ben; an enjoyable day in the park, scoping out other's rides and just soaking up the ambience that comes from being surrounded by car guys and their respective chariots. And stand proudly among them, 'cuz this time, your car is on the RIGHT side of the velvet ropes - being fawned over and lusted after by all those nose-pickers!!!

08-20-07, 02:16 PM
I think it's already been said but you're car is outstanding. It's a beautiful car with an impeccable history.

Having said that, I think Cadillac doesn't get the credit they deserve at shows due to lack of knowledge or may interest. Keep showing, don't get discouraged.

If enough of us get out there and show our cars they'll catch on. The other thing is class. Make sure you get registered in the correct class and if they don't have on defined complain about it.

Your car is beautiful and deserves recognition.

08-20-07, 06:13 PM
It's kind of like, for example, hearing the theme song for a movie that you just saw for the first time. You've never heard the song before, but you find that you love it. Now, after that, when you listen to the song, are you going to think of the movie? Probably, but that isn't why you love the song, it's just a connection. I know it's a stretch, but see what I mean?

Actually, yeah. After watching the movie "The Island" like a hundred times I had to go download the theme song and Im not normally into music like that. I wouldn't mind having the Cadillac or the girl in that movie!.

08-20-07, 08:28 PM
sure is good hearing the experiences people have had with car show judging. I remember how naive I was when I first started showing my driver (which at the time I though was the bomb.. but was FAR from it in reality!)

I've learned to not go with expectations and that keeps everything enjoyable.

Here on the forum people know what CLASS really is.... listen to all the great comment s about your Phaeton!!! :highfive:

08-20-07, 10:11 PM
VERY nice car and very well presented. Don't worry about the hicks that couldn't appreciate a fine automible if it kicked them in the a$$. Myself, I almost never win a top trophy either, but my 1968 DeVille convertible is nearing completion of its body / paint work,and I expect a little better placing in the future.

But then again over in Kissimmee, at Old Town, you FL members know what I'm talking about. Those fools won't let my 2000 ElDorado ESC Convertible in on Friday nights, the fool at the entrance said it wasn't "modified" enough. Um, excuse me but a $16,000+ convertible top conversion isn't modified enough for you?!? They handed me a list of items that "qualified" as modifications, like flame paint, neon lights, etc.

Well, I'm not going to trash up a fine and class automobile like my eldorado like that. And if they can't appreciate my car for what it is, then I just won't go there on friday nights any more, and maybe I'll drive my 68 up on a staurday night and let them know I' won't be taking that car there either. And if i have anything to say about my local Cadillac LaSalle club won't be visiting any more either.