: Need some Vacuum help

08-18-07, 02:41 PM
Ok Im going through the process of hooking up my carb after replacement and i just cant find in the service manual a couple items and wanted to see if i could get a helping hand or two

whats the round ball type deal under the hood and what does it connect to?

I have two vacuum lines running from the inside of the vehicle to the motor, cant figure out where they hook into?

I have something mounted in the rear of the manifold that has a vacuum fitting on it, what does that get attacted from?

08-21-07, 12:50 AM
What engine/car?

First one is an air resivour, it keeps pressure on one of the lines. It's either to the anti-dieseling solenoid if you have the cursed Idle Load Compensator, or to keep pressure on the MAP when the car is shut off.

Ths second one sounds like vacuum sources for whatever needs to be hooked up. The Carb has a number of these at the base. The PCV system and Canister purge system (draws fuel vapor out of the canister) can be hooked into these. It all depends on wither or not it's a thermal vacuum switch (it'll have 2 leads if it is) or just a dumb draw.

Last one is to your EFE system. It produces vacuum going into the EFE TVS which will also be at the rear of the engine, and that TVS feeds an actuator arm at the drivers side of the manifold.