: bbob- help!

Douglass Harroun
04-16-04, 10:06 AM
Sorry- not engine related, but I wanted your opinion. Just put in passive fornt struts and wired in the resistors- immed started showing "speed limted to 90mph every time I start, checked the resistor soldered connections- OK
Can I turn this message off?

04-16-04, 11:16 AM
For anyone to help, they will need to know what car you are dealing with.

04-16-04, 02:11 PM
Need to know the car and model year. A 94 and a 95 will allow overriding the RSS message I believe.

What "resistors" were soldered in the system?? The only override that I know of like that takes some fairly high current ballast resisters to "fool" the system into perceiving that the strut coils are still there. If it was an oftermarket kit you might call them to see if the resistors are correct??

Douglass Harroun
04-16-04, 09:16 PM
1998 sts Boston Suspension

called strutmasters today and the tech said there is a prob with after 1996, resistors don't fool the computer enough. Maybe I am stuck for now. Car handles great, though. Boston didn't know about the prob ?!