: Air Arms S410 and Pre Charged Rifle

08-18-07, 11:35 AM
I have a pre charged Air Arms S410 xtra .So, pre charged air rifle is totally a different world for me .That's why I thought that some of guys here would have more experienced and know better than me .
What's the best way of filling up the cylinder ? (attacted to the rifle ) I have a SCUBA tank as well as well as air compressor .
I am contemplating filling the cylinder thru the air compressor but I have no idea if it will damage it in long run .
Can I also fill up the SCUBA tank when it is empty thru the air compressor ?

08-18-07, 01:08 PM
Couldn't help you there...all of my airguns are single cock break action or sidelever actuated. I've been happy with what they can do (jackrabbits at 50+ yards, .177 at 1300fps, .22 at 1100 fps). I HAVE heard some bad ass stories about some of those precharged guns though...and my 10/22 is actually quieter than my good powerful airgun.

Didja know that the Austrians (among others, I'm sure) used airguns in war as sniper rifles because they're quiet and you could kill at great distances with those pre-charged ones? They'd have a big tank strapped to their back that was super high pressure and they could actually take people out with them!

Good luck man, keep us posted. I might have to get myself a new toy if you come back with a good report!

08-18-07, 01:10 PM
Huh. I like it!


08-18-07, 01:38 PM
I have been using it for a week .I have to say I am quite impressed with it . It's really quiet .I tested it by using a pepsi (some ads here lol ) tin can .I shot approximately 20 meters away from the target . It just put a hole on the can . Then from the same distance I shot my Walther Lever Action .I again put some hole but you can see the holes were sliding like an oval shape not just round as Air Arms .I asked this issue to the dealer and they said Air Arms used 5 mm but Walther 4.5 mm pellet . So, being a bigger diameter it just drills and goes away but the pellet for 4.5 mm drills yet it is shrunk because it's not as powerful as 5.5 and pre charged Air Arms :)
It's not as heavier as it looks .One thing to remember you must use scope for this Air Arms .It's my very first scope rifle and it really makes difference .
I have Walther 3x9x40 scope attached with the Air Arms . It just hits wherever you want and makes this in a precise way just like a Swiss watch :)

08-18-07, 01:42 PM
I've got a Beeman S1 that is VERY impressive for its price. I can hit and actually puncture a fifty cent piece at 40 yards in .177. The .22 doesn't poke through but it definately hits harder, being a heavier round moving almost as fast. My Beeman isn't scoped, though i've been looking for a good double-recoil scope. Spring actuated airguns need specially built scopes to hold their zero. They recoil both forwards and backwards and if you want to keep your zero on a scope, on the more powerful rifles like mine, you have to spend a little more on the scope.

Good find on the Air Arms! I like it!

08-18-07, 01:55 PM
I recommend you to try Bushnell . Walther is good for me too however Bushnell has the best glasses to my knowledge .In fact ,I couldn't see too much difference between Walther and Bushnell.
Walther comes with the light and it makes easier for you to shot in dark lol

08-18-07, 03:31 PM
Leupold is my bottom-of-the-barrel optics...:bigroll: