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08-18-07, 09:11 AM
Thanks FrankT, since I only have 4 posts the site will not let me send PM.
I do have a GM Vehicle Inquiry sheet and the only things that say anything about the suspension are: FE1 independant susp W/auto rear level, and then the codes; 6zk, 7zk, 8HF, 9HF and all four say component suspension after them. On another link I found the code sheet and looked them up but they say Computer Sel Susp after them and that is all.
I could post Vin # on here, do you think it's a bad idea to post the Vin on a public site? I don't see a problem with it but maybe you guys know a reason not to.

Well thanks again FrankT I appreciate your help!


08-18-07, 10:47 AM
If I have your complete VIN number and can BS my dealer enough he can make "ME" a key for "YOUR" car.