: Me again - Oil Leak Question

08-17-07, 11:35 AM
OK well mixture was fine turns out there is a gas leak in the line right at the carb. I will address that this weekend.

Also found oil sitting on top of the intake manifold. Logic would dictate the valve cover gaskets need to be replaced but I do not detect a spot where they are leaking or well weeping from. Is there another potential source for this oil that I could check?


08-17-07, 04:48 PM
More often oil can wick up through the bolts that hold the intake. They are exposed to the lifter galley below and oil is splashing around down there.
See if there is an oily source that extends from one of the bolts. Fix would be to remove the bolt, clean it, and apply sealant to the threads, then re-install and torque to spec. If the bolt is loose, you might get by with just tightening up. Veru common for intake bolts to loosen up over time.