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Gary Tayman
05-07-03, 08:51 PM
Thought I'd drop in and introduce myself. I'm Gary Tayman from Sarasota, Florida. I happen to be a car enthusiast, and am driving -- and restoring -- a 64 Thunderbird. About a year ago I bought a 93 Cadilac DeVille, and this is my daily driver. I also am involved in vintage car radios -- to say more on this might sound commercial, so I'll stop there.

Something that's interesting -- I frequent the antique radio+phono newsgroup, and for years I've been signed onto a Thunderbird message system where I receive messages in a digest format via e-mail. This Cadillac forum is different still -- it's interesting to see the pros and cons of the various formats. I look forward to chatting with all of you from time to time.

05-07-03, 09:32 PM
Welcome Gary! '93 DeVille is a sweet car! Got pics?:D

Gary Tayman
05-07-03, 10:00 PM
Unfortunately I don't have any photos at this time. However it's light brown metallic, with gold trim and a brown carriage top. A lot of Devilles have a very plain look to them -- this goes even for the older ones of the 60's. Add certain trim in just the right places and they look great! Such is the case of this one.

By the way, I took a peek at your Eldorado; I'm envious.

However I'm happy with what I have -- for a couple of strange reasons. First of all, I used to work for Ikon in Sarasota. That office is extremely political. Although I won lots of performance awards, I was also on a black list -- and my manager fired me when he thought it would do the most damage. He didn't know this, but I was already interviewing, and was only without a job for an hour. Now I work for Danka. I also run a home business, and that's what's paying for the Cadillac. Anyway, I've run into Ikon people around town, and you should see the look on their faces!

Aside from that, the Cadillac really doesn't stand out. In Sarasota it seems every third car is a Cadillac anyway. But it's certainly a nice car to drive.

On weekends I pull the Thunderbird out of the garage. Now there's a car that turns heads! Every time I stop at a traffic light, people roll down their windows to ask about it. So I guess both cars serve a purpose, and both cars are fun to drive.

I do have a photo of my Thunderbird -- it's on my website, which is commercial. It's also on the Cruise News website -- http://www.cruisenewsonline.com Click on About Us, and click on Gary Tayman.

05-07-03, 10:03 PM
Welcome aboard gary!!! Im sure you will add oodles of information!!!!

05-09-03, 09:30 AM
Hi Gary! Thank you for signing up - and welcome aboard! Sounds to me like you're a serious automotive enthusiast.. Very cool. :D

05-28-03, 01:48 AM
Hi Gary, I wonder if your color is the same as mine? Check the shade under the pic under my name. It's called "light antelope" a cross between pink and beige. You are right about Devilles, they are great but don't seem to stand out. I like skirts on my Fleetwood, they seem to look classy enough. I love TBirds especially the 1966 convertible (not because of Thelma and Louise mind you) They have very nice straight lines. Do you have any of these options: stereo tape system, "Highway Pilot Control," (cruise control)., "Overhead Safety Control Panal." ie low fuel indicator, fasten seat belts, or door ajar? All new Ford options in the 1960's I believe. The nicest 60's Tbird I saw was a 2 seater conv. with flowing arches behind each of the seats that tapered to halfway to the trunk. OK I'll try to calm down now!!

Gary Tayman
05-28-03, 07:21 AM
Regarding T-Birds, and pardon me if we're getting off topic, my car is a 64. The 8-track tape player became an option in 1966, as did the overhead console. The cruise control debuted in 1964, and my car has it -- but doesn't work. I've thought of fixing it up as a future project, but I've put an Edelbrock 750 carb on the car -- and there's no place to hook up the cruise. I keep the hardware in place as a conversation piece.

The convertible you're talking about has a tonneau cover -- a big cover that hides the back seat. This was a Lee Iacocca deal; after 1958 there were so many people who whined and complained that the T-Bird lost its way when it gained a back seat (even though sales more than doubled), so the Sports Roadster was born. It's a convertible with tonneau cover, wire wheels, grab bar on the dash, and insignias on the front fenders. They did not sell very well, and are very collectible today. The sports roadster was made in 1962 and 63, and dropped for 64 -- although you could buy a sports roadster package which consisted of wire wheels and tonneau. This was gone for 65, as the disk brakes would not allow for wires. Today you'll find aftermarket wires that fit a 65-66, and repro tonneau covers are everywhere.

I'm not sure about the color name of the Cadillac; someday I need to take some pictures of it so I can post them.

Gary E. Tayman

06-04-03, 01:19 AM
Welcome Gary!
Theres nothing like saving an old vintage radio from the crusher at a junk yard! bet you have walked through a few just like me, we need more people like you in this world Gary,
Best of luck to you in your finds.