: i might get a 69 coupe deville!

08-16-07, 12:47 AM
okay so theres this guy selling a CDV in oakland that i think i might buy. its real;ly nice ill send you some pictures



08-16-07, 05:32 AM
I think it has a '70 grille

I have a 69, Great car. Like a powerboat for the land.

Good luck

08-16-07, 05:51 AM
One of the best made. Check it out thoroughly. Put up on lift too; Look for rust, frame damage, dents in frame, etc.

08-16-07, 09:23 AM
yeah im goiong up there this weekend to look at it... the whole thing sounds great but i dont want a rust bucket. hows the 472 in these cars? i think its stock. i drove a 67 with a newer 472 and it hauled ass. just wondering if the old schooll engines do the same

Jonas McFeely
08-16-07, 01:17 PM
Sure everybody, hop on the 60's bandwagon...

I joke.

Hope you get it. :highfive:

08-16-07, 02:01 PM
How much does he want for it?

Any other issues besides needing paint, emblems, door locks?

I am guessing if it had any rust, it was repaired? Make sure of that and that they didn't just primer over it.

I miss my '70 Coupe Deville Convertible :(