View Full Version : Mystery Cadillac!!

Cadillac Giovanni
08-15-07, 08:21 PM
I've got some interesting happenings going on.

Apparently a friend of my father's knows an old woman who passed away a year ago, leaving behind a 1994 Cadillac of unknown model. 80k miles, however, and possibly in very good condition, the car is being given to my dad. I'm going tomorrow to check it out. It'd be killer if it was a Fleetwood...

A black Fleetwood.

Jonas McFeely
08-15-07, 08:37 PM
Hell yeah! Post pics. :highfive:

08-16-07, 05:55 AM
Great car, but uses premium gas. Watch for water pump leaking onto distributor. Expensive repair. Check it out as soon as you smell antifreeze.

That car will last you another 100k miles.

Many parts are inexpensive compared to FWD Caddies.

Cadillac Giovanni
08-16-07, 08:30 PM
I tried to find the car today. Unfortunately I only knew what street it was on, and not the address, and I failed to find it. I need to get the guy's number from my dad and try again.

I don't think Fleetwoods need premium gas. The car isn't going to be mine anyway, I've got my 89 Brougham to take care of. I have no idea what anyone in my family is going to do with another Cadillac, but I bet we'll figure it out.

08-16-07, 08:50 PM
I ran 87 octane in my '95 Roadmaster all the time w/o a problem.

08-16-07, 08:54 PM
The 4100 gets premium. The L03, L05, 307 Olds, and the LT1 do not.

08-16-07, 10:47 PM
All the '94-96 LT1 powered Fleetwoods use Regular 87 octane gas. I have the factory service manuals for all years, so the info is correct.

I hope it is a Black '94 Fleetwood with 80K miles. Keep us posted.