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08-15-07, 10:43 AM
What's up fellas, and ladies if there are any. I'm new to the site, just joined today. I came here in hopes to learn a lot about cars, mostly Cadillac CTS's. I'm looking to buy one in the next few weeks, I've always been attracted to them since they were introduced in 02. I was hoping for those that have been here for a while could point me in the direction in customizing my soon to be CTS. I know I will be getting a Pioneer AVIC-D3 but I would like to learn how to install it myself to save a few hundred. I don't have any car stereo or video installation but I know a few people with car stereo installation that can help. I pretty sure I'll be getting 20% tint all around and rims will have to wait. But what else is there to do to make my soon to be CTS look fresher than it already is? What do I need to know about suspension and lowering the car and exhaust and air intake? I'm a newbie to the whole car scene, nextels and computers have been my thing for years and now I hope to learn about cars. Thanks in advanced guys!

08-15-07, 10:50 AM
Welcome !
I think RightTurn would help you a lot .

08-15-07, 04:36 PM
:welcome: to the forums. You're in the right place to learn more about the CTS, just post your questions in the CTS forum. :wave:

08-15-07, 04:56 PM
Welcome !
I think RightTurn would help you a lot .

:lol: Thanks, Cadillacboy.

EdgewoodGimp13--:welcome5: to the forum. Check out the CTS board for lots of good info.