View Full Version : 2x4s - raising the intake manifold

04-15-04, 06:53 PM
[QUOTE=growe3]You should not have removed the top cover of the intake manifold. You only need to remove the four recessed bolts, then the intake can be raised, blocked in place with a couple of 2x4's and the phenolic spacers slipped out for cleaning.

Please excuse my ignorance,

but how long should the 2x4s be?
Do I need two of them?
And, after raising the intake, do you just insert the 2/4 into the valley, or wedge them in somehow?

I just want to be ready before I raise the intake. Thanks.

04-15-04, 07:59 PM
You only need two short pieces of 2x4 blocks...just a couple of inches long. Just stick them where convenient to hold the manifold up temporarily.