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08-14-07, 12:43 PM
Hi guys! I'm new to the board and happy to be here.

I'm a writer, having creatively experienced publications in novel, comic book and script-for-screen form and as hobby I write automotive reviews for online auto news sites such as Robb Report, Luxury Auto Inc. as well as others.

Just over a month ago I attended a new model release function for Cadillac that showcased the Escalade Hybrid, refreshed STS and 2008 CTS. I fell for the CTS and immediately put in an order at my local dealership (which only had one order ahead of me) and now I'm suffering the wait. I ordered a loaded 3.6DI with the Premium Luxury, Performance Package, Ultraview roof, Automatic, Navigation, etc.. in Silver with Black interior.

My current car is a 2006 Chrysler 300c, also loaded, and after driving both cars I'm sure I'm giving up very little, if any, performance related to engine characteristics and power - but I'm postive I am gaining a much more agile and controlled (i.e. - fun!) car.

I live in Los Angeles, married, 32 years old.

Thanks for having me.

08-14-07, 01:02 PM
howdy :)

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08-14-07, 01:08 PM
Hello and :welcome5: to the forum.

08-14-07, 03:00 PM
Welcome aboard! Do you have any links to articles you've written? I'm sure many of us would love to read them!

Great place to hang out and spend time...and some of us don't even have a Caddy anymore! :(

Lord Cadillac
08-14-07, 04:49 PM
Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up! You'll be losing a few tenths of a second to the 300C - but only in a straight line.. eh. No big deal. The CTS is a Cadillac. :) You're surely going to be very happy with it...

08-14-07, 05:48 PM

08-14-07, 06:35 PM

(Cancel that CTS order and wait for the CTS-V like the rest of us poor schlubs!)