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Lord Cadillac
08-12-07, 04:53 PM
Than get in here and introduce yourself to your neighbors!

08-14-07, 10:12 AM
MONTREAL IN HOUSE BABY!! Am I the only one??

09-02-07, 09:51 PM
Just saw this section.
I'm in Calgary. Just found another Calgary member and one from Edmonton so at least 3 from Alberta.

09-02-07, 10:52 PM
Calgary, just picked up my S/C'd 05 cts-v.... thinking of taking it to the track friday :)

09-30-07, 12:24 AM
Hey fellow Canucks, I am a new member from Calgary.

I am looking for an alternative to the massive dealer labour costs. A trustworthy mechanic, be it in a smaller shop or even a GM trained individual who has plenty of experience working on Northstar equipped cars that works out of his garage?

Do any of you know of a good place to take my Caddies for repairs here in Alberta?

I really appreciate any help here as I am willing to pay to have my cars repaired as long as I can find a qualified individual or shop.


95 STS
99 STS - (w/blown headgasket!)

09-30-07, 02:25 AM
I have wondered the same, havent needed anything yet... Was thinking of Jack Carter's (only Caddy dealer in town) but I'm sure their per/hr rate is high. I was also contemplating Davenport Mortorsports for some performance goodie installs (they do lots of vettes) but havent reasearched it any further.

10-03-07, 04:31 PM
hey all... looks like we have a few from calgary. I just moved to calgary from vancouver. and just bought my first caddy.. it's a 98 catera. so far I love it.. I'll prolly be asking the calgarians a lot of questions, like mechanics and where to buy parts.

10-04-07, 12:17 AM
Jack Carter isn't only Cadillac dealer in Calgary. CMP Classic in NE is a Caddy dealer as is GSL. I've had a bit of an issue with Carter when I brought my car in from USA. I had to show them what was wrong with the part in question. I'll be bringing it back when it snows for work so I will see how that works out. As far as good private shops couldn't tell. I do my own work. Just rebuilt two 2.4 litre DOHC motors Cavalier/Sunfire for two of my kids.

10-04-07, 06:08 PM
I'm more inclined to finding a good honest mechanic with his own shop,I think they try harder to establish a reputation,the mechanic I now have is an
ex g.m. trained mechanic.

10-28-07, 10:17 AM
[QUOTE=Paco.;1177539]MONTREAL IN HOUSE BABY!! Am I the only one


11-09-07, 02:12 AM
Another Calgarian here. The Cadillac is not mine, it is my brothers (I am a mercedes man) but I do the majority of the minor work on it. I too am looking for a reputable mechanic to service what I can not. My brother and I are both students so needless to say we already spend the majority of what little cash we have on our cars and I dont want my brother to take it to jack carter and get ripped off.... again. Somebody must know a good mechanic with his own shop in or around town?
p.s. the car is a black on grey 93 FWD 4.9 Deville that I picked out with him a couple of years back

01-12-08, 12:45 PM
Andy1 here from Calgary.
Albertan...I was going to try Jack Carter as CMP is next to useless for work on my 06 DTS. After 7 visits [in 6 months] and 8 problems (one caused by them) I have 4 problems fixed. Anyone know how to fix HID headlights that stay on in bright light?

01-21-08, 06:49 PM
Still fightin it out in Ont.

......................... Anyone know how to fix HID headlights that stay on in bright light?

Is your Rain Sense turned on ?
As long as your wipers are on, then your headlights are on.

01-22-08, 06:38 PM
Attn MURPHYG...no rainsense wipers on My 06 DTS lux 2.
Some days in bright light HID headlights stay on, sometimes daytime running lights come on. Dealer cant figure out.

01-23-08, 07:24 PM
Attn Andy1...My apologizes for my ignorance !
But WOW !
Thought it was standard equipment in a Lac ???

01-23-08, 11:52 PM
Any possibility that there might be dust on the light sensor?
I'm going to try GSL. I interviewed the service manager and he is an ex racer as well as a former GM district rep. At least he should know what is going on.
I will see.

01-24-08, 12:42 PM
no need for apology...there are so many confusing options on these cars. My 06 lux2 has the 3 way automatic (2 front and rear seat) heat/AC controls as standard. On the 07 thay are optional, go figure. Maybe the rainsense were standard, but I think GM wants to save every penny, so now we have to pay extra.

Good idea about sensor, but it was changed last October. Made no difference. Let us know how GSL is. I'm ready to give up on CMP. A buddy of mine is happy with Jack Carter.

01-26-08, 10:07 PM
Hi l am from Bowmanville Ontario this is great site for information and meet othe Cadillac Owners

02-01-08, 09:02 PM
Hi there! I'm from Montreal too! I have a 2005 cts 3.6 and I service it in my wn garage or in Laval's dealership!

02-03-08, 04:00 AM
Another Caddi-Canadian here.......livin in Red Deer, Alberta cruisin an 04 CTS-V. How many Albertan's do we got in this forum? :cool:

02-03-08, 07:33 AM
Sherwood Park

06-26-08, 09:15 AM
saw the invite for anyone from Canada .. new member still learning how this works and a new owner of an STS...
after many years of being drawn to the style of STS of the early 2000 years recently saw a dark blue 03 fully equiped low mileage and went for it .. after three weeks I still look for excuses to go somewhere .. hoping I have a reliable/ low maintenance/ reasonable V8 mileage vehicle.

06-29-08, 02:08 AM
Take care of it Saltey.
Regular routine manufacturer maintenance is critical.
Number one is to maintain the coolant. If it has not been done yet....then I suggest that you do it asap.
I believe that its X # of miles/kilometers or 5 years for the coolant. So the 5 years is up. So I would suggest to do that if not recently done.

Standard regular manufacturer maintenance intervals may seem like a hassle and/or something that could be put of for a little while......But truth be knownst.....follow those intervals religiously and you will be spending less and less time in this forum asking questions and stressed out. You will actually be coming here to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

When it comes to your Cadillac, the manufacturer really does know best, no matter what anyone else may tell you.

11-05-08, 03:41 AM
Thanks for a great site. I'm looking forwrad to the chance to meet and learn from others here.

I'm from Prince Edward Island Canada and looking forward to making some changes to my 2005-CTS.

11-05-08, 10:06 AM
I am new to this site and currently reside in Winnipeg. I am on my second Fleetwood, this one a 1996 from Georgia.

11-12-08, 10:30 AM
From Brockville, Ontario.

Just took delivery of a Black Cherry '09 CTS DI AWD last Wednesday.

So far, have 670 kms on the odometer and I'm still going through the owner's manual learning all of the car's details, but so far, I'm totally blown away!! This car is sooo good! No complaints whatsoever! Seems like GM really sweated the details on this one.(up to now, I've only been able to make that claim on my previous Audi S4--that says something).

Now, if only GM would build an AWD version of the CTS-V2!!


11-13-08, 12:37 AM
From Montreal ! 2000 sts

11-15-08, 02:54 PM
Airdrie Alberta CTS

11-20-08, 04:24 PM
Near London, Ontario - 98 STS, 99 STS, 97 Eldorado, 97 STS, 96 STS, 97 Aurora (yes, Oldsmobile, soon to have a 4.6 Northstar) 96 Chevy Silverado Vortec 350

12-13-08, 04:31 PM
From the Halton region of Ontario. I have never thought I would be so interested in a Caddy mostly in the new 09' CTS-V, but I do. I hope to one day get behind the wheel of an used 09' -V.