: 93-99 Dis ????

08-12-07, 02:42 PM
Im a noob here But After some info. There seems to be some knowlagable folks here. Im impressed. Any hoo I am modifing a DIS to run my Big Block. and have it running bench style. Now what Exact signal is the DIS looking for From the crank sensor. This information does not seem to be in the service manual. I know its looking at the pluses. but what part. The pulse in general? Does the voltage have to go up with RPM. Will a 12v pulse from a 00+ CKP or any 5 or 12 V pulse work? Does it have to be near 100V @3.2 KHz. I am asking because I would like to use some ABS sensors neaten up the install. If I knew the operational range of the DIS module It would make my search easier. I will only be using REF,BYPASS, EST, 4X, IGN, TACH, GND, CKP A, CKP B. Cam in and out wont be used untill I go to SFI. It is my understanding that I dont need cam in unless Im using the 24X signal. which would remain high with out the cam sync. Here are some pics of the install so far.

08-12-07, 05:17 PM
It is looking specifically for center crosses. So your input signal must be AC.

Voltage does not matter as long as it's AC, and above about 5v.

I know there are some people trying to install the N* DIS on SBC's and were having problems. The angle between the two crank sensors is critical. Half a degree out and the sparks stopped. I do not think it will work with just 1 sensor. So, you have your job cut out for you.

08-12-07, 06:57 PM
Yep I have to have both sensors. that is why I section cut the block. So I can machine that down for a mounting point if all else fails:bouncy: That is good to know Ill Go and look for some shallow wheel sensors. Ive gotten it to trigger on Denso crank sensors and Delphi VSS's . And had the 00+ Gray and Black sensors reading the ring. but didnt take the chance on grounding out the ign module for it to read the 12V(sounds like it wouln't have worked anyway.) I like the information You gave me That opens up a large variety of sensors. :worship: It actully started reading at 3.8V with the Denso's. but it was NEVER going to make it to near 100V.:)

08-12-07, 11:12 PM
You can do a trick to turn DC pulses into AC pulses...

We'll see if this ASCII works...

Input from Sensor ------+-----)|-------AC Output
| 0.1uF cap
\ 10k resistor
+12V (or whatever)

09-23-07, 09:53 PM
Woo hoo I got spark. in the truck and turning over.:dance: Ive got my 4x and fuel. however It's only sometimes. I am contributing that to the fact that my CKPs (non caddy(mopar actually)) are only putting out 300mV at crank

SOOO are there any EE's int the house?? I drew my self up and amp circuit for my CKP's and have a couple of ?? I'm definatly NOT an Electronics Guru. :hmm:What size cap do I need on my 3130's for 26Hz to 5 KHz. If I use Positive feedback on my fianal amp will I need a lower regulated power souce or should I make it negatively fed back. and are my calcs right for a 4x amplification?? looking at this more noew I believe I should change it to neg feed back loops, That way I will keep the sawtooth patteren.
Thanks for the help.

09-23-07, 11:05 PM

You build that thing and all it takes is a cold solder joint to leave you stranded somewhere. Use the factory ignition module. There are probably 100,000 different crank sensors out there, maybe 50,000 that would work here. You just have to find the one that fits

09-24-07, 08:21 AM
Good point...... I think I had a little tunnel vision going there. and yes I know just enough to get my self in trouble:suspense:

11-11-08, 03:31 PM
Hi there, zbuickman. Did you make your reluctor by turning down a N* crank?


11-11-08, 05:45 PM
If I count the number of teeth and spaces correctly, that's a pre-2000 crank cut down.

You're gonna have a hard time with this thread: it's over a year old and zbuickman hasn't been around in a while.

11-11-08, 07:59 PM
Got it; I"ll try to find him elsewhere. Thanks!