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Night Wolf
08-12-07, 06:01 AM
The Jacksonville thread when Jonas and I were tlaking about the Coupe made me want to check my DVD storage discs again, cause the ones I tired, all my picture files were corrupt... so I went thru and checked until something came up with pictures... and I got a few good ones.

Most are about the car, or car-related, and if you've been here long enough, you know about them cause I shared it when it happened. As I mentioned in the Jacksonville thread, a large chunk of my passion for cars was stolen from me, at the same time my Coupe was stolen from me... I used to like to document everything with pictures, because I knew in my heart I was never going to get rid of that car, and I thought it'd be awesome to look back in 20 years from now, and see where I was with my car and what my car has been thru... then walking out to the garage and sitting in that very same car... that was stolen from me, and with it just a bunch of my soul for cars... or the desire to even document much of anything anymore...

Anyway, Most of it is pictures... if for anything, then just a way for me to put a bunch of stuff together, I actually feel better about it.. heh, I made a new photobucket account just for this too... anyone is able to reply with whatever they want, and if some good discussions come out of it, then awesome... otherwise its something for people to do if they are bored.

The pictures are in no particular order, just however i go thru my discs, this is the first one, and it just happened to be whatever I could fit on the disc at the time. I haven't seen these pictures for almost a year, so going thru them it was pretty neat... I really should start taking more pictures I guess... I dunno the desire just isn't there.

Of course this isn't all the pictures, I just picked the best ones, and the ones I wanted to share... again, nothing really special, just something for me to do... Maybe somebody will enjoy looking at the pictures.

Night Wolf
08-12-07, 06:14 AM
Heh, first up is the accident pictures of my '79... I've actually tried to keep this one to a minimum, cause I've got alot... as anyone that witnessed the original thread could agree...

This here... taken from within my Coupe :( was the intersection... my '79 was in pretty much the same spot as that silver car in the center, doing the same exact turn.... the Camry was heading in the same direction that my Coupe was facing, but in the far right lane (2 lanes heading stright IIRC, maybe 3)

Anyway, thats my Coupe... I put a silver hood ornament, cause I just couldn't stand the gold (car had gold badges) the gold one was in the glove box tho.... yes, that is my high school tassle hanging from the mirror... I put that on there the night I graduated high school and told my self I would never take it off, and it was never off until then. I had that car all thru high school (atleast my last 2 years of it) and thought it would be neat to look back in the future and have that tassle hanging from the mirror. My HS colors were blue and gold... tho the yellow (or blue?) was starting to fade.


The first time I saw my car after the accident... it was pretty bad, actually buckled the roof a bit. The way they hit me actually pushed the front of the car sideways, the bumper actually kinda wrapped around the tire.. that front left tire was stuck too as the bumper/frame was stuck in it. Engine still ran, but shifter was stuck and the steering box was crushed. Had I had the room, I wanted to keep that car and strip it of parts, besides the near mint d'Elegance Ceder Red velour (I think) interior, it had a solid drivetrain that would be a perfect swap into the '89, or alteast a great start to getting a 472/500 in there. There was soo many good parts on that car, but I had to let it go cause I had no room, and later found out the car was costing me $20/day to stay there! I do however still have those wheels/tires (origanally came on the '89 Fleetwood) and both outter headlights, the low/high beams were Silverstars... they both worked fine, and I took them, they are to be put in the '89... that was $40 I wanted back.



Car took a hard hit. It really saved me. I didn't know anything happened, I didn't see anything coming, I was just making my turn, next thing I know the huge yellow hood flew up, thats all I saw... engine was running rough, I tried to shut it down, ignition was jambed.. so I forced the key off... opened the door which was hitting the fender and got out... The accident sheared the hood latch pin right off, and the (brand new 80's Brougham style) hood ornament was sheared off right at the base I was going about 10mph making my turn..... yet their 1999 Toyota Camry was only doing 35mph :bigroll: whatever, I am glad that is overwith....

If you look at the angle of this picture, the bumper looks to be facing stright on... yet look at the angle of the rest of the car.... the frame rails right in front of the tires were bent 90* the frame was damaged, I looked under the car and things weren't good... there wasn't any fixing that car, but it could have been used for soo many parts.

She was a d'Elegance, Laramie Beige with Ceder Red interior... to this day I haven't seen another like it.... not a common color combo either, and while I am not fond of either color seperately, on that car it just worked....


Night Wolf
08-12-07, 06:35 AM
Some not so depressing pictures now...

This was the '79 before the accident... pictures aren't that good tho...


I mention the double pin stripe on the '77-'79 cars alot... this is what I am referring to... factory pin stripe is from the hood to the rear of the car... well, when the left rear door was repainted (such an awesome match) cause of some surface rust... the guy re-pinstriped the car, with a thicker/darker stripe (tape) and I really liked it.

Well these cars have an awesome body line that ends half way in the door (not really so on the '80's style) and the car never looked right to me... and I saw one on ebay with the double pin stripe and had to try it.... MAN what a difference! Fromt he fender half way to the door... it was just awesome... honest to say, it totally changed the look for me and made me really like the '79 style all over again.


I was always getting spare parts for my cars, of those spare parts are the turn signal lights from a '77 which were clear, instead of amber (still have em) I was gonna try putting those in, with the silverstar blubs that look blue but light up amber.... never got around to it tho.

I've always liked the bumper grilles on this generation, they are functional too, with little cowling inside directing air to the lower portion of the radiator. Personally of the '77-'79 years, the '79 is my favorite... that grille deisgn being one of the reasons, as well as the '79 steering wheel and the '78/'79 tail lights... tho '79 did gain the ugly lighter burl wood interior trim (which I swapped out on mine)


Also, factory hood ornament was just a big crest... I didn't like it, so on ebay I found a NOS 80's Brougham hood ornamnet, same base, but with the wreath, and super shiney.... made a huge improvement IMO.


another, better picture of the car.


Heh, this is when I hard wired my radar detector into the car, it was out of the way, but in a handy spot, and would turn on/off with the ignition... one of my little mods I was really happy with... and because of the tint on the top of the windsheild, you coudln't see a thing from outside... I still have that tho, it wasn't in the car when it was stolen.


random picture.. I made some chicken patty sandwhichs... heh, that is a spare chrome hood ornament I bought for the Coupe on ebay (accidently bought 2 at the same time) and that '79 Coupe DeVille low rider thing... still have that... I bought that in November of '05 at Walmart, I saw it in the store and really missed my '79 (it was in NY, I got it my Christmas break of '05 and drove it to FL) so I figured it would hold me over.


Dunno what I was doing here... but... that was my kitchen in my Clearwater apartment... small, but got the job done... atleast it had counter space, a dishwasher and a garbadge disposal.

That dash pad... I had a bad habbit of scouring the junkyard for parts for my car... not that I need now, but that I would need in the future... I mean everything, I would just think to myself "what is someone someone restoring, say, a '68 GTO really want, but is hard or expensive to find?" and I would snag it... well, of those things, was a mint upper dash pad! They aways go bad in daily driver cars, and at the junkyard was a car with the same color interior (Sedan tho :( ) so I snagged the dash pad, knowing that one day I would need it.

It's still in my closet now... yes, I moved a dashpad from FL to GA for a car I no longer have... I dunno... maybe one day....


Ahhh yes, the great rain... man, what a bunch of rain... my aparment was right in the middle of the complex, and the entire Souther side was flooded... this is when I, basically hit a speed bump too fast, at the same time a pickup was oncoming, sending a wave of water over the hood of the Coupe, and I hydrolocked the 4.9... she woudl't turn over at all... even with all 4 front spark plugs removed (the easy ones) it still woudln't budge... Once all 8 were pulled, she turned over, blew out all the water, spark plugs when back in, I sucked the pool of water out of the intake manifold and she fired right up and was fine :)





There she is :(

Night Wolf
08-12-07, 06:36 AM
it was dead in the middle of the water, water was up to the floor board, almost coming in the door... basically, if I was sitting in the car, and someone would drive by, I would feel the car bob up and down from being in the water... it sure did clean off all the oil on the underbody that was leaking tho :)

a couple of my class mates were driving by and saw me, so they stopped to push my car to the side (where it is in the picture) then later that night they helped push it all the way back in front of my apartment.


Gosh I love that color.... you can see some fading clear coat on the roof tho :(




the speed bump I hit that hydrolocked the engine



its dark, but that was the rear enterance to the complex....


Most horrible management ever..... gosh it was bad.... other then that, the place wasn't too bad... except for stolen cars :(


That building in the background was my apartment building, thats the backside tho, my apartment was facing the other way.


Night Wolf
08-12-07, 06:42 AM
Heh... going back a bit.... back in NY, our house that is now sold...

Well, one thing on the Caddy did get fixed over the years... those bumper fillers. The ones on it now tho are from a '90-'92 hence the oval hole in them for the body cladding.. ah well, still looks better then how it did. BTW that particular filler there was cracked when my mom accident backed the Caddy into another car....


As much as I talk bad about it... I don't know if I really could let this car go... I dunno... it does mean alot to me... this picture was taken about 3 years ago....

Notice my Olds :) That was before the paint job, I dented the fender and door when I side-swiped a telephone poll in the winter... that was a good car.

In the very back, with the hood and trunk up, you can see the Coupe :( This was in the Spring when I just took it out of storage and IIRC I was installing my Alpine 4ch amp in the car (nice install that way) That was the glove box no the roof of the Olds.


Missing front filler, Oldsmobile hub caps (now has Caddy hub caps) and the old tires that my mom hit every curb she could have... it was like a game to her.... she got new tires on it, which are the ones on it... so atleast I've got a set of somewhat new tires on the car... and another set of decent tires on the spoked wheels.

As I've said before.... this car survived 9 years of my mom... its a tuff car :)


Those are all the pictures for now... I'll have to keep going thru my CD's and see what comes up next :)


Night Wolf
08-12-07, 06:59 AM
Wow, I just found another CD with massive amounts of pictures... I think I am gonna take a break for now....there are soo many I'd like to share tho. Right now I am just kinda taking it in... a whole lot of pictures from NY and stuff... man....

08-12-07, 02:46 PM
Coolness, thanks for posting.

08-12-07, 08:29 PM
Yes, do share more!

Night Wolf
08-23-07, 11:27 AM
Heh, so I was looking at my stored attachments on the site here, and I've got a bunch of odd stuff.... as well as these pictures of the Coupe...

IMO, these are by far the best pictures I have of it... also in its almost latest condition, though no white walls... which... I still think I may have liked better (blackwall)

Anyway, here they are...









Makes me really miss the car... The Town Car just dosn't compare to how awesome that car was... maybe cause it was just so... me... I dunno, I don't think any car could recreate that feeling though... but... I've got a lot of time and miles ahead of me in the Town Car, so hopefully it'll continue to feel more and more like home... I know when I start to do more little personal touches to it here and there, as I did with the Coupe, that'll help out alot.

08-24-07, 12:55 AM
I love the pic of the coupe 4th from the top; it just has a certain glow about that pic...