: Two simple questions about a LT1 Road Master

08-10-07, 03:04 AM
Ok my cousins A/c compressor runs for 1 second and turns off after about 8 seconds it turns on and does the 1 second turn. I'm guessing its low, and has a leak somewhere, but now we are trying to get pass summer. But where do I add the 134a? Do i use the port on the accumulator?

Also I took a quick look at the motor, but i don't remember seeing a radiator cap. So I'm guessing its like my grand am, and i have to fill the radiator via the overflow tank.

08-10-07, 10:16 AM
To service the a/c right, get someone to help you.

1. evacuate system for 45 min.
2. replace little plastic valve in dryer. No coffee yet, and I am blocking on the right name.
3. use gauges and do it right.

Here is how to make a suction machine to evac system:

1. 18 X 18 piece of 1/2 inch plywood.
2. mount old washing machine motor. Free at real appliance store.
3. bolt down an old working a/c compressor.
4. connect with fan belt.
5. run compressor backwards, & it creates suction.
6. you will need to buy a set of hoses for this.
7. cheap set up.

08-12-07, 07:52 PM
I have an old dehiumidifier that is on its last legs that the compressor still runs good that I might sacrifice into a vacuum pump, I have heard old window air-conditioners do a great job....

Now I am mad I tossed that old A6 compressor that was good last year, could have make it suck to no end!