: Service engine soon light

08-09-07, 04:05 PM
I'm having lots of problems with my V6 SRX with AWD of course it is just out of warrenty (72,000 miles),daughter was driving and it just lost power, Step on the gas and it goes about 5 miles and hour, had the car towed to the shop and they told me is was low transmission fluid. Fixed for several weeks but the car wasn't driven much. Then it happened again, towed to the shop $1,200. this time.Not sure exactly what was replaced. It's been back twice since. I was told a whole new computer was put in and they got cadillac to cover. Came home and less then 20 miles later the same thing happened again. Back at the shop and they don't seem to have any idea's. I have looked through the threads and I can't seem to fine the same problem. If you have any idea's I would appreciate it greatly:confused: