: Anyone know anything about the Playstation 2?

08-09-07, 01:06 AM
So anyway, a couple years ago I found myself the owner of an unlikely PS2 -it had belonged to my girlfriend's daughter and a candle got left on it, I was given two and asked if I could make one working one (both were dead) for her. The intact one proved an easy fix, needing only to have an unplugged ribbon cable plugged back in. The other one was assumed a total loss and I kept it, in spite of the big hole burned into it.

Then one day I decided to open it up and see how far the damage went; turns out the only damage was to the top panels and disc loader, the spindle, pickup, laser, and tracking gear were all operational, and, if a disc was loaded by hand it would play just fine. It's now in regular service (I always wanted Gran Turismo 4, now I have it, and a few other games).

Today in the mail I recieved a Korean import copy of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 that I ordered from ebay, as domestic copies run over $100; thinking that I would be able to play it because I have no load drawer and direct access to the disc because I have no top panel. Unfortunately this is not the case (no pun intended); swapping the disk in at any point will either cause a Read Error, the "invalid disc" message, or simply nothing to happen. I'd rather not spend money on a mod chip, but it seems that the mod chip industry has driven from the net all info on how to mod it yourself, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what's involved in getting this to play an import game. (and yes, if anyone is wondering, this is a legitmate copy of the game, not a pirated copy... I know some forums have rules against talk of pirating, but this is a legit copy).

Thanks in advance!

08-09-07, 02:39 AM
Yes, the chip will allow you to play any region and copied dvd's

08-09-07, 03:04 AM
Thanks... I'm wondering, though, is there some way I can coax this bloody thing into playing an import sans chip? I don't feel like spending more money (but will if that is my only recourse) and I'm handy with electronics.

08-09-07, 03:15 AM
Don't think so. Which version of the PS2 do you have? Do you have the flat version?
It is a pita to solder that chip as you have VERY little room to work. I did the chip in the PS1, but had it done by a friend of mine for the PS2. He converted a lot of PS2's and told me he wasted a few because he burnt some other components/cables.

08-09-07, 03:17 AM
oh, and the chips are running for like $7-$10? I guess it's worth the money.

08-09-07, 03:28 AM
I have an old old old version...
*trudges to the living room and retrieves loose top shroud*
It's an SCPH-39001, I believe this is a very early model.
And where do you get mod chips for that price? I see them on-line for $50-80!

08-09-07, 03:35 AM
wow, I guess the market got drained. My chip was $7 in 2001 and still running. But I have the flat version. I would've expected the price to drop drastically since the PS3 is out already.

I think you will be cheaper off buying a used modded PS2 from ebay.

08-09-07, 07:12 AM
i think theres a boot disk you need to download...

ill ask my bro's gf about it, she has a ps2 that plays "other" games

08-09-07, 07:26 AM

The Tony Show
08-09-07, 09:25 AM
Swap Magic boot disk works like a charm. I had GT4 a looooong time before it came to our shores via this method, only I bought a new case for my PS2 that had a clamshell door on the top to swap the disc. If only I had thought of melting through with a candle, I could've saved some cash..... :D