: Lacville 79 Music Video

Rey Rey 650
08-08-07, 04:29 PM
When did this song come out? I heard it for the 1st time yesterday...... Cool video and song no doubt


Jonas McFeely
08-08-07, 06:54 PM
Hell yeah! Ive never heard that one before. Going to download it. I assume youve heard "Bump this in yo' Cadillac" with Twista and Mike Jones. Or "Po Pimp" by Do or Die, or "Cadillac Pimpin'" by Youngbloodz or "Straight Cadillac Pimpin" by Eightball and MJG. All are good songs about Cadillacs.

Rey Rey 650
08-08-07, 07:44 PM
Yea, Ive heard all those you mentioned.... I like this one right here

08-08-07, 10:53 PM
you forgot:
Cadillac Grilles - Ludacris
Throw Some D's - Rich Boy
Cadillac - Trae

08-08-07, 10:58 PM
Lac Motion - Ca$his

Newer song. On Sirius a lot.