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08-08-07, 03:46 AM
My husband and myself live in Yucca Valley, California. Its about 50 miles north of Palm Springs in the high desert. Home of the popular Joshua Tree National Monument and the huge 29 Palms Marine Base. We have lived here for 30 years and love the desert and the dark skies at night. We havent been over run with all the lights of the city and have beautiful starry nights and smogless days. I couldnt be a city girl ever again Im so spoiled. We own a black on black 1998 Seville STS. What a ride it is!!! We are Rick and Kathy so if you want to talk, we're here. I love all the info in the forums and thank all of you for your posts.:nothing2add::nanaparty::bouncy:

08-08-07, 07:10 AM
howdy :)

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08-08-07, 07:37 AM
:welcome5: Rick and Kathy!

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08-08-07, 01:56 PM
Welcome !!

08-09-07, 03:07 AM
Wlcome! :)