View Full Version : Full Coverage Insurance on 21 Year old Car?

08-08-07, 02:04 AM
I was shocked when American Family said I could get FULL COVERAGE on my 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Since the premiums were pretty low, and not much more than just liability, I said sure thing. I'm just amazed that they would give full coverage on a 21 year old car.

Is this normal or did I get lucky?

Night Wolf
08-08-07, 03:58 AM
Why not?

Alot of people seem to think insurance is either basic or full coverage...

Personally, I have comprehensive on all my vehicles, that covers fire, theft, vandalism, acts of nature, full glass etc....

Comprehensive dosn't really add much at all per month, but collision is what adds up.... collision is if I hit someone else, and I am at fault, I will get paid for my car and a rental car etc...

Well, that nearly doubles my payment, my vehicles aren't worth much, and I consider myself a careful driver... But... you can still get screwed even if it wasn't your fault, as I did in the case of my '79 DeVille.

I learned my lesson form the Coupe, had I had comprehensive on that, I would have gotten paid out when it was stolen... that was a total loss as well.

Comprehensive also helped me when a stone hit my windshield on the Isuzu and within 3 days it spread across the whole thing.... I got a brand new windshield and installed for free.... also neat because it was scratched from prevoius owner running a worn out wiper blade on it.

Windshield on the Town Car got a nasty stone chip on one of my trips, so I am gonna see about that too, but I've been busy with a whole lot of other stuff.

Personally I don't see the value on collision on an older car either... on a car that is worth $3,000 to the insurance, if you have a $500 deductable... that is $2,500.... If having collision on your car added $50/month (just saying) then in a year you would have spent $600... after a few years, you just gave them the value of your car, not to meniton the value will continue to drop.

But, to answer your question, they'll insure your car for anything. You said your car is 21 years old? in 4 years check into classic car insurance :)

08-08-07, 11:04 AM
Of course they will give you full coverage. Claim anything, and they will write it off. The car is worth next to nothing on their books.

Like Night said, check into classic insurance. There are year restrictions (25 for the company I deal with), and you will have to get it appraised. The good part is, the insurance is written for that appraisal amount. There is no depreciation, no arguing. It is is 10K on paper, they pay up to that to fix it, or they put 10K in your hand.

I have classic insurance on my 81 FWB, my 65 Impala converitble, and my 71 Pontiac Parisienne custom. The Pontiac is twice the price because it is modified, but they have a complete list of mods. I pay $105 for the Impala, and $211 for the Pontiac. That's full coverage, and that is for THE YEAR:thumbsup:

08-08-07, 11:46 AM
You were lucky--if you did NOT buy it.

You can also buy an aftermarket extended warranty if your veh has less than 100k miles on it. If you are lucky, they will go bankrupt prior to any of your warr claims. They have so many loopholes, it would make your head spin.

Before you buy any aftermarket warr, have an experienced srv mgr read it. He/she can tell you how worthless it is.