: 1995 Deville trunk emblem question

04-14-04, 02:25 PM
Quick question maybe someone can answer for me, I am looking for a GM factory part # for a specific version of the trunk emblem on a 1995 Deville.

Here's my confusion, there are at least 4 versions as follows:

Black inset w/grey ring and chrome edge,
Black inset w/grey ring and gold edge (this is what mine has now)
Black inset w/red ring and chrome edge (though I've only seen this once!)
Black inset w/red ring and gold edge (this is the one I'd like to put on)

BTW, the "inset" is the part with the wreath & crest, the "ring" I'm referring to is where it says "Cadiilac motor car division", and the "edge" is the outermost portion of the circle that is trimmed in either chrome or gold to match the rest of the emblem package installed on the car.

Now, I have the part #'s for the first two (black/grey/chrome and black/grey/gold) but can't locate a number for the black/red/gold version.

Also, was this one (red ring with gold edge) ever used on the Deville, or perhaps only on the Eldorado? I've not seen a Deville with it yet, but it is a direct repalcement fit-wise. I've only seen one (1)! Deville with a red ring/chrome emblem. All the rest I've ever seen had the grey ring with chrome or gold edge (as mine).

If someone can supply the GM number for the emblem with the red outer ring and gold edging, I would appreciate it as I would like to get one (I think it dresses up the appearance a bit more) when I replace this emblem.

FWIW, I'm replacing this due to some water damage under the surface that has discolored the crest.

TIA for any replies!