: XM Radio Disappeared

08-06-07, 04:13 PM
Turned on the radio yesterday and no XM on the display. CD, AM, FM1, and FM2 work fine but no XM for some reason. Anyone out there have this happen?

08-06-07, 04:39 PM
Ok I know this is a dumb question... you did pay for it right?
Sometimes mine goes out when they have had satellite problems. Check your antenna leads?
Does the preview or id station even come up?

08-06-07, 07:43 PM
Even if the service is turned off it should show up as a band selection, you just won't get any channels.
Has your radio been replaced or serviced recently? If so it may not have been set up properly.
That only happens when the radio loses communication with the DRR (digital radio reciever) or "XM tuner".

08-07-07, 06:28 AM
Should have stated that we are paid up and this is not a NAV system. I have on occasion lost signal and had a static that would be around for a few hours but never totally lost the XM on the Band Selection. The radio has not been replaced.

Possibly it is that things happen in threes. The day before we discovered the XM had disappeared our right front turn signal went out. Then yesterday I went by the dealer and made an appointment to get the oil and air filter changed. The bulb will covered under warranty. As I left the service bay I heard a noise that I had not heard before. There was light rain and at first I thought water on a brake rotor? Drove about 2 miles and came back. The left front is making a sound that I would describe as a bushing not being lubricated. The left front strut had leaked oil and was replaced in April and I have always felt the left front now higher than the right.

Will let you know what I find out.

08-07-07, 07:51 AM
If you can duplicate the XM problem, what I would do.... connect the Tech 2 and try to communicate with the DRR, if I couldn't I'd be pulling the trim to access it and make sure it is plugged in properly. Then I would be tracing the wires for the communication circuit and/or checking for codes in the radio.
I looked at bulletins, I know on some cars they have a logic problem that can cause a module "tie up" that will make XM not appear on the radio.
I didn't see the documents that I was thinking of in relation to your vehicle, however I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. For that type of concern GM sends me a specific receiver that doesn't have that issue and I have had a 100% repair rate when I see this issue and install that part. Again, I didn't see that come up for your car but....
It does require some diagnosis on the part of the dealer, you have to order these through GM and you have to pretty much convince them of what you did to check it out before they will send a part.

The radio should have stored codes if a loss of communication occurred. Be sure they at least check radio codes.

08-10-07, 08:00 AM
ewill3rd: The XM is repaired. Ticket states: Diagnosed radio receiver no communication with receiver. Removed right side wall trim and removed receiver. Reinstalled backed out terminal in circuit, reinstalled connector and reinstalled receiver. I spoke to the service manager and he did not recall that they had this XM problem. I e-mailed him your response re the XM and would think it was assistance in identifying the problem and saving them some warranty repair time. Thanks for your help.

08-10-07, 08:08 AM
Mort, glad to hear if I helped even a little bit.
Thanks for following up.

01-23-08, 12:24 AM
Hi - I just purchased an 05 SRX and according to the VIN # it should have XM - the dealer has activated it and I can not access it. When I go through the bands all I see is FM 1, 2 and AM. I even called the 800 # for cadillac and they said it is activated and my car has XM. So where is it? Any help would be appreciated.


01-23-08, 12:40 AM
Check your RPO - SPID codes to see if you have XM radio...


or try this ...


or read this....



01-23-08, 06:39 AM
Your dealer should be able to diagnose this for you.
The RPO on the sticker in the back should show U2K if you have XM, which it sounds like it does.
If the radio will not display the XM band then something is broken.
Could be a loose connector somewhere or a bad XM receiver.
They need to check for codes and then see if they can communicate with the XM receiver using the Tech 2.
From there they should be able to fix it.