: vacuum leak?

04-14-04, 12:49 PM
I have the following symptoms:

- high idle when i start my car cold that refuses to come down after waiting for whatever period of time

- poor acceleration and hesitation/bog when flooring the gas pedal

i noticed that the vacuum line from the air pump to the carb is missing, and therefore there's a large vacuum leak that might affect other components that plug into the T connector where the vacuum line should be. Could such a leak cause the above conditions, and if not what could this be? thanks.

04-14-04, 05:50 PM

i put the vacuum hose back in place and when i started the car:

*clunk-clunk..clunk-clunk..clunk-clunk...* (muscle car idle)

Sadly, however, when I tapped the gas briefly the engine sped up and when i let go of the gas pedal the idle didn't return to normal, even after 2 or 3 minutes of sitting there.

Does anyone know what's wrong now? Do my various linkages need to be WD-40'd ? Let me know anything you might suspect. Thanks.


Angela Desmond
04-21-04, 06:33 PM
Sounds to me like a choke problem. If the choke doesn'topen fully, it will lock-out the secondaries from opening and give you the bog or hesitation. Also the high idle at startup sounds like the chokes fast idle cam out of whack. The choke needs the vacuum line set up to the pull-off(that little diaphram at the top of the carb. Actually, there are 2 pull-offs, in case one malfunctions.) Get a book on Rochesters (I'm guessing this engine is running a Q-Jet) and follow the procedures for choke adjustments. They're a pain in the a**, which is why I use a manual choke on my engines...