: 00 deville P0300

08-04-07, 10:36 PM
so my deville with 70k starts acting up on drive home from work Saturday. Its running pretty damn rough and seems to only smooth out while doing 60mph. where should i start? i checked front plugs (replaced all about 20k ago), all sensors, egr, etc. should i pull off the injectors one by one?

08-05-07, 09:02 AM
Did you replace your wires too? What year Deville? Could be crank position sensor, oxygen sensor, MAF, EGR. If it is that rough, you will get a Service Engine light soon. Read the code.

08-05-07, 09:46 AM
No wires on the 2000. It has COP ignition.

08-05-07, 10:59 AM
yeah i am at a loss with this car. its one thing after another.

08-05-07, 02:58 PM
Injectors are the last thing I would suspect. I'd concentrate on the plugs, coils and ICM connectors.

08-05-07, 05:16 PM
front coil it is! thanks for the help