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04-14-04, 03:41 AM
:bighead: hello i have a service engine soon light coming on and the onstar read a code of pcm p0335 its hesistates and stalls out on idle in park and at the stop light could some one tell me what is wrong with my car i hope its on costly is it something that i can do myself or can a back yard person do it or just only dealer item does anyone know what a job like this would cost

04-14-04, 10:38 PM
Do a Forum search on "Stalling". I think you'll find yoir answer.

04-15-04, 01:20 PM
Engine Controls - 4.6L

DTC P0335 CKP Sensor A Circuit Performance (http://service.gm.com/servlets/BlobShtml?ShtmlFile=533732&psdid=186&evc=sm)
Bulletins/Campaigns/Preliminary Information

#02-06-04-019 Intermittent Engine Idle Instability, Hard/No Restart or Decel Stalls, SES Lamp Illuminated, DTCs P0335, P0336, P0385, P0386 or P1599 may be Set (Diagnose and Repair) - (Apr 9, 2002) (http://service.gm.com/servlets/BlobShtml?ShtmlFile=876612&psdid=186&evc=sm)
Uh....change the crank postition sensors. They are on the side of the block just above the oil filter adapter. There are two. Replace both of them.