: Minor parts required for 1991 Bro downunder

08-04-07, 06:17 AM
Hello from the Crocodile Hunter :alchi:, sorry if in wrong forum :tisk::confused:, i am after a contact or a lead to find these parts for my Caddi without being "touched up", by the "send me your money man" :thepan: i am greatfully just looking for someone who can help me out what I need is,
4 small knobs that attach to the lever that controls the air-con vents and the black (caddi embosed) door lever..hard to explain, please look at pics....
I am hoping just to find some reliable leads thanks.

Crocodile hunter and kangaroo rider

08-04-07, 09:03 PM

Those parts are a dime a dozen in the junkyards here. Heck, the postage to Oz would be more than the parts cost. If you can wait until I get back from Arizona next Saturday (8/11), I'd happily run up to the yards and pull them for you. Shouldn't be more than 15 minutes work. Otherwise, Hemmings Motor News usually has the best leads for parts, and GM Parts Source may still have NOS. Happy hunting!