View Full Version : "trunk" light on dash flashing

08-04-07, 03:18 AM
hey would you believe it that ive gone for months without a problem? but i guess its that time of year again. so anyways im driving down the road and randomly (i didnt even go over a bump) the open trunk light on the dash comes on and flickers randomly. its been doing it ever since. the trunk is closed and shows no signs of coming unlatched. the light flickers, sometimes stays on, and sometimes stays off. just wondering if anyone has got some tips or ideas. this is my only weekend off from work so im gonna get to it!

here she is

08-04-07, 05:57 PM
2 possibilities

1. loose/crimped wire.
2. latch needs adjustment.

Jonas McFeely
08-04-07, 06:01 PM
Either you have a very late production '85 or your car has been in a an accident. The front turn signal lights are not correct.

Do you have blackwalls on that? Blasphemy! :thepan:

08-05-07, 12:12 AM
acually i switched the lights myself. i liked the look of the orange signals better than the clear ones. heres a pic of before. anyone want my old ones? i still got em