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04-14-04, 12:03 AM
I bought a 1994 Concours Caddy 3 weeks ago at an auction, 80K miles and in perfect shape except ............

I got it home and noticed a severe leak at the rear main seal, once I regained my breath I started my research on the interenet for a cure.

All indications said I would be spending about 1800 dollar for pulling the engine and tranny and having the rear main replaced.

I found someone who pointed me in the direction of ebay for a Stop Leak solution, so I went to ebay, typed in stop leak in the search engine and came to one product that indicated it can do many things in the area of stopping leaks, I sent the owner of the company an e-mail and got a quick response back regarding thier experience with Northstar engines, so I figured lets give it a go.

I ordered the product on Friday evening and got it delivered Monday morning.

I poured it into the engine and started it, the engine went from a severe leak to drip dry in a matter of an hour. Now keep in mind my leak was so bad I decided to let it run for 45 minutes, shut it off for an hour to let the material soak into the seal then run it again.

Well as I said the process worked well, I took it to the car wash and wash off all the residue and proceeded to drive the car, gently but normal type driving.

48 hours latter I believe the product is the real deal and it works amazingly well.

At 15.00 dollars for a bottle I would certainly recomend it to all those owning Northstar engines as a seal conditioner to be used once a year during an oil change.

It sure beats the alternative which is 1800 dollars in service at the dealer for a rear main seal.

Everyone knows the Northerstar is a bad leaker, please spread the word about this product as this might be the one thing GM should have advised thier clients early on before the engine got such a bad rep.

Good luck Northstar owners


Product name is:

Seal Lube - Seal Expander
PH: 1-800-434-9192
Company: New Technology International
$14.95 a bottle
would suggest you order 4 bottles and integrate it into your annual maintenance cycle's.

04-14-04, 09:00 AM

It sounds too good too be true.

04-14-04, 09:50 AM
I bet it is... it sound too much like an ad disguiesed as a post to me. Everyone is trying to sell something....lol. I could be wrong and I appologize if I am but thats just my opinion.

04-14-04, 11:05 AM
Yep....definitely sounds like someone trying to sell something.......LOL.

In my experience, miracles like this just do not exist. Either it is a joke to sell something, a very short lived "cure" or there are other serious drawbacks possible.

BTW.....since "rear main seals" themselves rarely leak it is hard to understand the logic of a "seal conditioner" causing a fix. The LCC joint that seems to garner the most attention rarely drips or leaks that badly...and even then the leak path is not something that a "seal conditioner" will necessarily cure. Hard to believe a "cure all" like this would really work. But I am sure someone will bite and try it.

04-14-04, 12:32 PM
Brake fluid causes certain types of rubber seals to swell but not to that degree. 45 minutes and a catastrophic type leak is gone?? If its true and it lasts for a while thats a score for you!!!! Just doesn't sound likely though.

04-14-04, 12:35 PM
THIS IS TRUE!!! i use this in my car with every oil change and it works!

LMAO, umm, no.

04-14-04, 01:43 PM
I would never add brake fluid to my oil. As for Seal Lube being the "real deal", the post from dvincent (his first) does look a little bit like a sales pitch and makes me wonder he is the real deal or has some interest in selling the stuff. Does anyone else have any experience with this product? How did it work for you, STS?

04-14-04, 01:44 PM
You forgot to mention your engine explodes 1000 miles after you use the stop leak :suspect:

04-14-04, 01:51 PM
For that, you would need to add engine stop explode! All kidding aside, maybe there is something to it.

04-14-04, 02:57 PM
How did it work for you, STS?

LOOL, read my post a little more closely.

04-14-04, 07:27 PM
first post so bare with me - have just bought my second sts #1 is a 93 #2 is a 97 the -97 has a crank case leak (minamal) 2-3 oz per day if thish product really works so well please id the product for 15.00 $ i"ll give it a try. # 3 is an 03 avalanche2500 8.1 ltr

04-14-04, 08:04 PM
Same sales pitch as BG44K? I bought some BG44K. It didn't do a thing for me.

04-22-04, 09:26 AM
Well, I checked out their web site. They do seem to market it as something of a panacea. Here's an excerpt:

"SealLube is a clear liquid which does not use particles of material (like radiator stop leak for example) to plug the leak.

"SealLube restores the flexibiliy, elasticity and tensile strength lost due to heat, age and wear.

"Since SealLube is harmless to all seals, it may be used again if the seal should ever leak in the future."

My N* has a small oil leak, and for my last oil change I tried Valvoline MaxLife. It's gotten worse. My guess is that this product may be similar to the "active ingredient" in MaxLife. Probably can't hurt, but I don't know if it'll help.

They DO say NOT to add it to brake systems, so it definitely isn't brake fluid.

I'm giving it serious consideration. Check out the web site and see what y'all think:


04-22-04, 09:38 AM
I a bit bothered by someone who posts just once, and it's an ad... I'm not totally determined to delete this post, but if I get 3 or more people who say "toss it" I will.

As for this "miracle cure" It claims all this; Here's a list of problems we can solve:
Oil leaks
Engine wear
Cracked blocks, leaky radiators
Transmission slip
Fuel efficiency, increase power
Clogged fuel injectors, carb jets

To me, that's a snake oil cure all. I mean come on, cracked blocks? Tranny slip? Cleans fuel injectors? I'm not going to delete the thread until I get some other people who suggest it, since it's not patently offensive.

04-22-04, 09:51 AM
Doesnt it make you wonder? Why you bought a caddy and its leaking. You would think GM would learn how to make a gasket after the last 100 years.

Its not like they started building cars 12 years ago. And if you have a CADDy, Gm should back the car like its a Caddy, not just charge likes its a Caddy.The Northstar is good for a few 100 thousand miles BUT starts leaking at 60,000.
Whats the deal?
Come on GM this is your flag ship .Back it like it is. Be proud of your design , these are all engineering flaws. Get with it GM. GM stop laying these problems on your consumers.

04-22-04, 11:25 AM
This just in...

I spoke to my mechanic. He said there's any number of products out there that condition the seals and they pose no danger to the engine. He said that the leak needs to be very minor and on a car that's relatively new, otherwise it's not likely to help. Plus, you need to add it with each oil change.

I sent an e-mail to the company asking a bunch of questions and will let you know what the response is, if any.

Regarding deleting this thread, I'd vote not to. It serves as a forum for discussing these kinds of products.

Also, in all fairness, the claims that our good moderator says were made are not necessarily for this product. Those claims are on the company's home page, listed as problems they can fix with their various products.


04-22-04, 01:36 PM
Ah, missed that part. Sorry, brain's getting pretty burnt out. Finals week for me. Today and tomorrow. Ethical Theory and Chemistry. Didn't have to go to the final on Sexual Behavior. Had an A already. :)

04-24-04, 01:05 PM
Definitively trying to sell something. He has only one post, and guess which one is it?

Notice the formality of the post, and how he also knows everything about the product, and even suggests that you get 4 bottles!

04-27-04, 08:47 AM
No response to my questions from the manufacturer.

04-28-04, 01:19 AM
If it looks, smells and feels like crap... Guess what, it usually is......

Personally I think its an add, I wouldnt be surprised if he has posted the same 'add' with minor word modifications on other auto boards...

In my expert opinion, I think he's an @-hole for trying sell his product with trickery & deception.....

"Go sell crazy somewhere else, were all stocked up in here."

04-28-04, 09:47 PM
and just look he only has one post which probobly means it is a add