: Mid-Michigan Caddy owners!

04-13-04, 11:56 PM
Hey, im just wondering if there are any mid-Michigan owners here, there are plenty of them around this area. Anybody up for a meet? Theres usually a small congregation of classics and ricers (the un-official 'Gut') on S. Cedar in Lansing on Fri. and Sat. nights when it starts to warm up, 'til the cops break it up and we move on to another location. But the large meeting areas are in the k-mart parking lot or at the sam's club parking lot, it would be awesome to see at least one other caddy besides mine there:D. talk to you later. Peace.

04-15-04, 12:10 PM
Also theres a car show on saturday the 24th of April at the Lansing Factory Outlet mall, on the corner of Clark Road and Business 27, or exit 87 off I-69, thats DeWitt/North Lansing by the way. Just a small show $8 to enter half of which goes to charity (Childrens Miracle Network), it wont be juged, its just a kind of pre show-season show, to get everyone in the mood. first 25 cars get dash plaques. Ill have a couple of my caddies there i think, if i can get the '69 ready. Hope to see you all there! :cool: