: When a Feller Needs a Friend.

08-03-07, 05:58 PM
The contractor had just finished the pour and had trowled out my new $15,000 concrete driveway and parking pad when Poppy, my Bichon Frise, made it by the barricade and took off full speed across it as happy and care free as only a puppy can be. About 1/2 way she started to bog down and was soon knee deep in trouble. As we stood on the edge and tried to call her she knew that whatever happened next was not going to be in her best interests. The clue might have been that for everybody calling her there was somebody else swearing and shaking a fist. I finally got hold of her and we headed for the garden hose to wash off the evidence as the finishers redid their work. As I finished that cleanup it became intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that my boy had just finished filling his pants. So much for the puppy and on to the next disposal problem. A house husbands work in never done.

08-03-07, 06:01 PM
:rofl: I feel your pain bro!

Jonas McFeely
08-03-07, 06:09 PM

And i thought i had it bad when the toilet paper doesnt perform as it should and your fingers...

08-04-07, 06:14 PM
My golden retriever did the same thing when we put up a new bldg and sidewalks at work.

Oh, well, life is tough.

Contractors knew the dog, and they laughed (sort of); then they fixed situation.